Project Life Jacket Draws Attention to Refugees. Literally.

Project Life Jacket Draws Attention to Refugees

Project Life Jacket tells the story of nine Syrian refugees, who, after fleeing across the Mediterranean, were stuck in Greek Transit camps. Their stories have been illustrated on a unique and symbolic canvas – real, used life jackets found on the beaches of Greece. The goal of the project is to put the topic back on the agenda of politicians, the media and the European public with this unique expression of their true stories. Read more

Look Beyond Appearances or YCKMA You Can Kiss My Ass.

YCKMA You Can Kiss My Ass

As a follow-up to its award-winning “The Lover” spot for, which helped change the way we view sex, BEING France has created this new two and a half minute advertising film, directed by Pierre Edelmann for the Asta Philpot Foundation. The commercial for the non-profit organization aims at helping every human being be themselves – regardless of skin color, size, weight, sexual preference or any other closed-minded stereotype.  And if you don’t like that, YCKMA. Read more