The ‘Utter’ Mouth Pot or Vase by Thelermont Hupton.

These fun tabletop vessels are made of fine earthenware and measure 160mm x 100mm tall. The opening is that of a human mouth, compllte with parted lips and teeth.

In the words of the artist:
“The Utter pots, using the form of a mouth, are a literal manifestation of the concept of objects ‘talking’ to the user.

The finished piece is humorous and edgy. The parted lips of the female mouth may even be construed as sexual. They invite us to ponder what the rest of the ‘face’ might look like.

The Utter mouth pot is designed to be used decoratively or functionally as a vessel for flowers, pencils…”

Price: £39
buy the utter mouth pot here

The Work Of Tobias Wong. May He Redesign Heaven.

A Tribute to Tobias Wong
photo by Nigel Parry


Tobias Wong (1974-2010)
I was shocked to learn that Vancouver born, New York based designer Tobias Wong just passed away last Sunday at the very young age of 35 (late breaking news reports say it was an apparent suicide). I have blogged about much of his work and have been a fan for years. In addition to his own work, he often collaborated with many different artists, companies and designers to create unique, conceptual, witty and absurd pieces. Read more

DFC Turns Old Art Form Into Modern Chaquira Doll Heads

above left: Lady Peyote, 7.5″ tall above right: Lil’ Allsort,7.5″ tall, $8o5.00 each

A traditional Mexican art, Huichol is the craft of coating wood carved masks, animals, birds, serpents, and forms with wax, onto which tiny crystal beads (chaquira) and colored strings (estambre) are laid or woven with great precision. Read more

Five Fun New Finds To Hip Up Your Home

Finds For The Home

Five New Fun Finds For The Home – A collection of home decor items by various artists and designers from all over the world that will add some serious style to your home. Read more