Andrej Urem Sculptural Candle Collection

If you’ve been looking for sophisticated candles that are as much decorative sculpture as they are functional, look no further than the Andrej Urem Sculptural Candle Collection by the self-proclaimed poet, sculptor, graphic and product designer. The collection has grown in the past few years and now is available to purchase directly from the designer’s online store. Read more

Authors With Screwed Up Psyches Inspire A Wick[ed] Candle Collection.

Wicked Candles

So, what does a screwed up author smell like?  Memoirs: The Negative Space Collection from Wick[ed] is said to be inspired by provocative authors of the past. From those addicted to alcohol to those addicted to love, each candle was inspired by an author who battled demons and fluctuated between positive and negative life experiences. The candles, in turn, have names that contain two juxtaposing words to illustrate the author’s ups and downs. Read more

So That’s What Diamonds Smell Like. Your Popup Paris Candle May Have A Real One In It.

Popup Paris Candles

Popup Paris Candles are beautifully packaged like many others, but the way they stand apart from hundreds of others is the fact that they place a genuine brilliant cut white diamond in one of every 50 of their candles. The diamonds range in size from .15 to .25 carats and range in clarity from VS – SI. Each is G in color. Read more

Hand Gesture Candles from Atelier WM (Cast from Pharrell Williams’ Hands)

Hand Gesture Candles from Atelier WM

L’atelier WM is a a group of young artists founded in Paris in 2008. They created this line of colorful candles, both in looks and attitude. Hands making gestures cast from real hands and whose burn time is approximately 3 hours each. Read more