Hand Gesture Candles from Atelier WM (Cast from Pharrell Williams’ Hands)

Hand Gesture Candles from Atelier WM

L’atelier WM is a a group of young artists founded in Paris in 2008. They created this line of colorful candles, -with the help of Pharrell Williams – both in looks and attitude. Hands making gestures cast from real hands and whose burn time is approximately 3 hours each.

Hand Gesture Candles

hand gesture candle horns2 pale pink IIHIH

Atelier wm hand candlecolors IIHIH

These cool candles were cast from Pharrell Williams‘ hands when he and Atelier WM collaborated in Paris in 2008. They were then sold as a limited edition through various artsy stores and Pharrell’s own BBC/Ice Cream Stores.

Pharrell williams casting his hand IIHIH
Pharrell’s night at Colette casting his hand for the candles (images courtesy of BBC Ice Cream)

pharrell williams hand mould

Cross your fingers:
hand gesture candle crossed fingers green IIHIH

Heavy Metal “Horns”:
hand gesture candle horns hot pink IIHIH
hand gesture candle horns pale pink IIHIH

Live Long And Prosper (Vulcan Salute):
hand gesture candle vulcan orange IIHIH

The Vulcan Salute in Blue (especially for Colette):
hand gesture candle colette blue vulcan IIHIH

Fuck You:
hand gesture candle the bird black pharrell williams

atelier WM boxed candle IIHIH

Above packaging created by Wakey of France.

In addition to being sold by Colette, a small number of these were carried at the Black Block of the Palais de Tokyo, at the Printemps Design of the Centre Pompidou and at the Sam Concept store in France. Colette also carried a special blue version of the Vulcan Salute candle. Finally, for a period of time they could be purchased from A+R, but no longer.

Let me end this post by saying that these great candles went into mass production once never to be made again.  Too bad. But lots of people and companies have since copied these. You can find cast hand candles at Amazon here.