Authors With Screwed Up Psyches Inspire A Wick[ed] Candle Collection.

Wicked Candles

So, what does a screwed up author smell like?  Memoirs: The Negative Space Collection from Wick[ed] is said to be inspired by provocative authors of the past. From those addicted to alcohol to those addicted to love, each candle was inspired by an author who battled demons and fluctuated between positive and negative life experiences. The candles, in turn, have names that contain two juxtaposing words to illustrate the author’s ups and downs.

Wicked Candles

Wick[ed] Candles

Images that represent each author are etched on the container that illuminates through its black vessel when lit. Hand poured in Los Angeles and made from 100% vegetable palm wax with a double cotton wick, providing maximum illumination with an environmentally clean flame and unprecedented aromatic scent delivery. Each weighs 9 oz., has a burn time of 60 hrs and contains a “love note” from your secret admirer.

These make great gifts for the dark, troubled, intellectual in your life. Or the alcoholic bookworm.

Raging + Lull
[Inspired by the psyche of Edgar Allan Poe]:

A seductive yet crisp fragrance revenant of zesty blood orange, basil, and saffron blossom, captivated by warm notes of cinnamon bark, clove, and vanilla bean.

Despondent + Hope
[Inspired by the psyche of Anais Nin and Henry Miller]:

A nostalgic and magnetic fragrance reminiscent of fresh figs, sweet violet and citrus, bound by jasmine, rose water, vanilla, and sensuous musk.

Euphoric + Sorrow
[Inspired by the psyche of Ernest Hemingway]:

An addictive and sultry fragrance redolent of creamy Madagascar vanilla bean and aged bourbon, with an explosion of sweet anise.

Lethargic + Warmth
[Inspired by the psyche of Oscar Wilde]:

A melancholy fragrance eliciting hypnotic notes of camphor and bergamot wrapped in a melody of warm oak, vanilla and patchouli, with a hint of cedar.

Pure + Terrible
[Inspired by the psyche of Emily Dickinson]:
wicked candles from The profit
A sophisticated garden fragrance reminiscent of green leaves encompassing orange blossoms, while married to fresh gardenia and aromatic notes of spicy amber and wood.

Lovely + Decay
[Inspired by the psyche of Jane Austen]:

An angelic and fresh fragrance redolent of aromatic lavender, lily, and cassis, enveloped by dry herbal notes of white and black tea, laced with a woodsy aroma.

Blissful + Woe
[Inspired by the psyche of Virginia Woolf]:
wicked candles los angeles
A timeless fragrance memorialized in vintage gardenia and sandalwood, conjoined with the essence of orange blossom, jasmine, clove, cinnamon and invigorating grapefruit.

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