A Sweet Little Summer Cottage In Denmark by Christensen & Co.

Summer Cottage In Denmark

Designed by Christensen & Co. Architects in conjunction with Pernille Poulsen, this Summer Cottage In Denmark is a canopied timber structure measuring only 689 square feet but because of its design it feels much larger.

Sweet Little Summer Cottage In Denmark

Summer Cottage In Denmark

the following text is courtesy of the architect:
The site is located in the woodlands between the coastline and the lake of Arresø on the Northern part of the island of Zealand. A clearing was created in the dense vegetation, leaving a few trees to provide shade and to create a sense of depth on the site. The summer cottage is, in essence a timber clad raft, supported by a number of wooden pillars. The cottage hovers just above the grass.

pernille poulsen cottage

Summer Cottage In Denmark

modern cabin

The raft folds up and around the internal space and the ceiling ends in a large cantilevered canopy which stretches out above the terrace. The fold creates a simple frame around the internal space and terrace which works as one space with large sliding doors which connects the inside with the outside.

asserbo house

summer cottage

cottage in denmark

The facades are clad in black horizontal boards, while the underside of the cantilever is clad with slim, untreated timber louvers beneath translucent panels allowing fine strips of sunlight into the house.

christensen and co cottage

Title: Summer Cottage
Area: 64 m²

asserbo house plans

Made in collaboration with: Pernille Poulsen, architect

images courtesy of Christensen & Co,  with additional interior images courtesy of https://www.ejerportal.dk/640/