Gift Guide For Mid-Century Modern Design Lovers.

Wondering what to get the Mid-Century Modern Design Lover for the holidays? You still have time! Here are 20+ terrific options that any enthusiast of the genre would appreciate. From stocking stuffers to home decor, these iconic pieces by the likes of George Nelson, Alexander Girard, Charles and Ray Eames, Kay Bojensen and more range in price and size.

Mid-Century Modern Gifts

REAC Miniature Chairs:
reac miniature chairs

Everyone loves the Vitra miniatures, but no one likes the prices.

REAC Japan’s Designers Miniature Chairs are immensely less expensive than the highly desirable miniatures by Vitra. Made of plastic, they are easily broken (I own several) so they are not to be played with as toys, but instead to display.

REAC miniature chair set

You can find several of them sold individually from the companies many editions here or buy a set like the one shown above.
buy the Designers Miniature Chair Vol.6 (1/12 Scale); Set

Kay Bojensen Teak Monkey for Rosenthal.

kay bojensen teak monkey

The iconic wooden carved animal by Dutch silversmith and designer Kay Bojensen for Rosendahl is available in various sizes.
Shop for it here
Find other Kay Bojensen teak animals for Rosendahl here.

Eames House Bird

eames house bird

The simple black bird was carved by Edna Perdew around 1910 became a highly sought-after model in the 1950s, when it was popularized by Charles and Ray Eames, who acquired one on their travels in the Appalachian mountains. The wooden bird became a center piece of the Eames living room and soon started to make an appearance in many of their product photo-shoots. It can even be seen in a 1952 cover of the Architectural Review, a solid shape among a grid created by Eames chairs.

eames house bird and box
The iconic design element measures 10 ¾” x3 ½” x11″

Vitra has recently started reproducing them by creating 3D scans of the original. However, unlike Perdew’s versions, which were mostly carved out of pine, the Vitra version is made of solid alder with a black lacquer finish and steel wire legs. Its reappearance has brought the little black bird back to many mid-century inspired homes, where it often perches on top of furniture, elegant and unobtrusive at the same time.
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George Nelson Wall Clocks

george nelson wall clocks

What Mid Century Design enthusiast doesn’t love the George Nelson wall clocks? The original clocks designed from 1948-1960 have been reproduced by Vitra. The Sunburst, Star, Spindle, Asterisk, Ball and Eye clocks are almost mandatory additions to the Mid Century home. While there are cheaper knockoffs, these should last a lifetime.
Shop for Vitra George Nelson Wall Clocks here

George Nelson Bubble Pendant Lamps

George Nelson bubble lamps

Both Nelson Lamps and Modernica continue to produce the series of George Nelson’s Bubble lamps and sells the legendary Saucer, Criss, Cross, Cigar, Apple, Pear and Ball lamps in various sizes.
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Mushroom Salt and Pepper Shakers

MoMA mushroom shakers

The stainless steel and cork elements of this Icelandic designer’s whimsical salt-and-pepper shakers combine to form button mushrooms. The one-holed shaker holds salt and the three-holed shaker holds pepper. Hand-wash only. 2″h x 2″w
buy them here

Museum of Modern Art Eames Acrylic Chairs Coasters by MoMA

MoMA eames chair coasters

Four clear acrylic coasters each display a different Eames chair and have rubber feet to protect your surfaces.
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The Philip Johnson Glass House Snow Globe

Glass house snow globe philip johnson

Custom made for the Glass House Design Store, it’s a glass dome with gently falling snow on the small reproduction of Philip Johnson‘s Glasshouse. Base measures 5″ square. A Blue version has been released this fall. Two more colored versions are said to be coming.

philip johnson glasshouse snow globes reg and blue edition

Original version:
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Special Blue version:
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1000 piece Mid Century Modern Design Puzzle:
midcentury modern jigsaw puzzle 1000 pieces

It’s made of recycled materials and features bright, colorful original artwork by artist Linda Tillman. When Finished the puzzle measures 19.25 x 26.75 inches.
Mid-Century Modern 1000 piece puzzle boxed

buy it here

Other wonderful Mid-Century Modern design puzzles include the Christmas and Vintage Trailers shown below.

Shop for all the Hennessey Puzzles here

Alexander Girard Eden Giant Floor Puzzle (for the kids)

alexander girard Eden giant floor puzzle

At 24 x 36 inches, this jigsaw puzzle is made up of 24 jumbo-sized pieces that create Girard’s Eden.
Buy it here

Eames Memory Game
Eames memory Game

The Eames Memory Game features the iconic designs of Charles and Ray Eames. For younger children, play with nine pairs or fewer. For a more challenging game, geared toward older children and adults, play with all 36 pairs.
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Alexander Girard Blocks consist of 10 blocks that make up various puzzles with Girard’s iconic imagery.

alexander girard blocks and puzzles

alexander girard blocks puzzles2

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House Industries Eames House and Studio Blocks

Eames House Industries Blocks

The Uncle Goose blocks are made of sustainable harvested basswood in Michigan and are printed with non-toxic, lead-free child safe inks.
Buy them here

Mid-Century Modern Coloring Books:
midcentury modern mania coloring book

Just Add Color: Mid-Century Modern Mania
midcentury modern patterns coloring book

Just Add Color: Mid-Century Modern Patterns
midcentury modern animals coloring book

Just Add Color: Mid-Century Modern Animals
Find more Mid-Century Modern Coloring books here.

Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table Books:
Alexander Girard Popular Edition Book edited by Todd Oldham

Alexander Girard: popular edition

Eames Beautiful Details Hardcover book

Eames: Beautiful Details

Mid-Century Modern by Judith Miller

Miller’s Mid-Century Modern