D-House, A Cool Curvalinear Tokyo Home by Ron Arad + Issho

Ron Arad D-House

The D-House is a compact private residence in the Shibuya-ku area of central Tokyo by designer Ron Arad in collaboration with Japanese Architecture firm Issho. Read more

Minimalist Wood and Concrete House Blends Into The Environment.

Omzubata N House

The contemporary and elegant Omzubata N house by the Iida Archiship Studio beautifully blends into the landscape in a small Japanese town in the Prefecture of Nagano, not far from Tokyo. Read more

The Bird Apartment – Collective Housing For 78 Birds and One Human.

Nendo Bird Apartment

The Nendo Bird Apartment is a an unusual treehouse designed by Japanese design firm Nendo for the Ando Momofuku Center, a facility devoted to promoting and increasing access to nature activities. The facility is located in a forest in Komoro City in Japan’s mountainous Nagano Prefecture. Nendo’s treehouse is designed to be collective housing for many birds and one person. Read more

Modest, Modern & Marvelous. The Tsuchinoco House by Satoru Inoue.

The Tsuchinoco House

Japanese architect Saturo Inoue designed this modern home, the Tsuchinoco House, tucked up on the hill nestled amongst more traditional and older Japanese homes. Read more