Ellie Konig and Quang Dinh Know How To Do A Wedding Video. Take Note, Soon-To-Be-Marrieds.

Like most newlyweds, the lovely Ellie Koning and handsome Quang Dinh wanted to capture the afterparty of their Aug. 11th nuptials on video. Unlike most couples, they used small Seattle-based production company Super Frog Saves Tokyo to do the job. (On the company’s official facebook page, the folks at SFST they say they made this video for their “boss.”)

Super Frog Saves Tokyo Wedding Video

Ellie Konig and Quang Dinh Know How To Do A Wedding Video
Ellie Konig and Quang Dinh Know How To Do A Wedding Video

The video (which is not available online) was shot at the reception site Sodo Park in Seattle Washington in a photo booth, a now popular trend at weddings. The result is a recorded total of 4 minutes and 27 seconds of sweet jubilation shot in slow-motion and unlike most painfully tacky wedding videos.

above: one of the photobooth still images from their wedding

It’s been featured on MSN, Glamour.com, Jezebel and more and is rapidly turning Ellie and Quang into social media stars.

a still from the video

Shot at super high speed on the RED Epic camera, this 160 frame per second video unfolds in slow motion to Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines,” and captures the guests with simple wedding favor props like confetti, bubbles, poppers and silly string in a photo booth.

Quang and Ellie wedding
Quang and Ellie in their on-site reception photo booth, one of over 800 pictures by which they now have to remember the special occasion (courtesy of Quang Dinh’s facebook page)

The joyful and ebullient energy conveyed is so much better and more touching than drunken statements made to camera or master shots of a dark room full of spastic dancers.

Congratulation to the happy couple, shown below in a more subdued and romantic photo from their wedding (photo courtesy of Ellie’s facebook page):

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