The Kudo Solar Charging iPad Case for All Apple iPad Versions

Solar powered charging iPad case

The iPad is amazing, but this makes it even better. The KudoCase for iPad, iPad 2, and the New iPad 3rd Generation are pulling the plug on wasted power by using new solar ink technology to convert outdoor and indoor light into usable energy to continually charge the Apple iPad. Whenever light is shimmering around you this solar powered iPad case is charging your battery.

Solar Charging iPad Case

Solar Charging iPad Case

It may be a little confusing to what the actual brand name of this cool solar charging iPad case is since it began life as the Lilypad and then became the KudoCase. And now it’s being sold (unbranded) by various gadget stores.

Solar KudoCase iPad in Black (for versions 2 and 3):

The KudoCase Solar iPad Chargers (original and a version for the iPad 2 and 3) are an innovative concept using new solar technology to convert indoor and outdoor light into energy to charge the iPad. For the average user the solar case can boast an impressive 12 – 13 days use on your iPad (versions 1 and 2)!

This KudoCase for iPad 2 and 3 has all the features the original solar case by Kudo has. Indoor/Outdoor Solar Power giving you up to an average 10 days of use. An extended battery, USB Power-out charger, HDMI, Whistle Locator, Multiple Stands and the automatic Sleep/Wake feature built in. This durable case is one you can be proud of with a housing made from biodegradable grain and the worlds only indoor operating organic solar panel.

• Solar Power – New solar ink technology, works with outdoor & indoor light.
• Results will vary but the average use is 10 days with 2hrs iPad use per day with average light.
• HDMI port built in – watch your iPad on the big screen.
• Automatic iPad Sleep and Wake built into the flap.
• USB Power Out – Charge your phone, bluetooth, camera… directly off the solar case.
• Battery backup – High capacity 10A battery built into the case to store excess energy created by the light.
• Keyboard Stand – Angle the iPad at a comfortable 15 degrees for easier typing.
• Movie Stand – Position the iPad into a landscape movie / receipe angle.
• Durable protection – Protect the iPad from any angle.
• Thin, only 7/8″ total thickness.
• Whistle Locator – Cant find the iPad? Simply whistle and the case will beep to let you know where it is.
• Environmentally Friendly – Kudo To You!

The worlds only organic solar panels.
Housing is made from biodegradeable grains.
Every online purchase includes a planted tree with the Arbor Day Foundation.

$189 USD, buy it here

Or for 10$ more, you can buy it unbranded from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Solar Kudocase iPad for original version is available in black or grey here.