The First Flat-Packed Wooden Bike You Assemble Yourself. The Sandwichbike by Basten Leijh.

Flat-packed Sandwich bike

It’s new. It’s cool. It comes in the mail and you put it together. Dubbed the Sandwichbike, this Dutch Design original was inspired by the concept of flat packing, home assembly and Bleigh Industries’ never-ending drive to create exceptional products. Read more

Packing Foam Fashions Emulate 16th and 17th Dutch and Flemish Masters’ Paintings [UPDATED].

In this ongoing series of quietly elegant photographs by Suzanne Jongmans, she explores textures of both the past and present. Using the foam materials from packaging and insulation, she has fashioned them into the collars, shawls and clothes commonly seen in the 16th and 17th century Dutch, Flemish and French portraits by the likes of Golden Age and Dutch Renaissance painters Vermeer, Franz Hals, and Francois Clouet. Read more

PURE* Computers and Amplifiers. High Tech With High Style from Amsterdam.

custom ceramic computer cases

Four years ago, I wrote a post on these unusual ceramic encased computers and amplifiers from Plush Department. Since that time, they have updated the technical specs so that the computers and amplifiers have up-to-date capabilities like BluRay, VOIP and video conferencing. Read more

Nicholas Galanin Paper Sculptures Inspire Dutch Book Week Ad Campaign Posters.

Nicholas Galanin paper sculptures

Advertising and marketing agencies are often inspired by fine art. Such is the case with Etcetera’s wonderful promotional posters for Dutch Book Week. Read more

Coloring Book Couture. Dressing Between The Lines In A Dress You Color In Yourself.

Amsterdam-based graphic designer Michiel Schuurman and and textile designer Berber Soepboer collaborated on this fabulous bit of Fashion DIY, a “Colour-In” dress. Read more

House Beirings, A Modern Dutch Farmhouse By Rocha Tombal Architects

House Beirings is a very cool looking modern dutch farmhouse. In an effort to avoid visual contact with adjacent houses, the wood home by Amsterdam architects Rocha Tombal, has different shaped openings, windows, skylights and dormers that offer interesting ways to bring daylight in without directly facing nearby structures.

House Bierings
As described by the Amsterdam architecture firm, Rocha Tombal Architecten:
From a basic form, defined by the municipal urban plan, sculptural “eyes” emerge with direct views to the varied countryside landscape. The form and orientation of the building avoid visual contact with the adjacent houses: at the ground floor the angled ceiling of the kitchen accentuates the intensive contact with the garden. On the first floor, the different shaped openings in the roof and façade offer, like “fingers of light”, varied daylight experiences.

The routing through the house starts in the hall, a section of the ground floor volume. After experiencing the entrance area and passing the gigantic pivoted door, the visitor arrives at the “heart of the house”, the kitchen. Here he looks through the big glass wall straight into the garden, which suggests being outside again.

Behind him, the stair cuts a wooden wall inviting to follow the route towards the first floor. Its angled form and extreme proportions (small and high) and the daylight entering from the ceiling, offer the feeling of walking in a medieval street.

At the end of it he discovers the living room, a quiet, north-lighted attic space, from which a big opening exposes the surrounding green like in a framed painting.

the floor plans:

The model:

Rocha Tombal Architecten
Nieuwpoortkade 2A-110
1055 RX Amsterdam

T: +31 (0)20 6060772
F: +31 (0)20 6060778

Design That’s Up To Par. La Bolleur’s Mini Golf Course.

La Bolleur’s mini golf club, a constructed nine hole course with a clubhouse and bar, has been traveling abroad. The installation by the multidisciplinary design group ( who won the Dutch Design Award in 2009 for their excellent method of communicating their brand), most recently appeared at Milan Design week and at Zona Tortona. Read more

The Dekka Daybed By FurnID; A Synthesis of Danish & Arabic Design.

The Dekka is a beautiful and innovative design created by Bo Strange, Morten Kjær Stivegaard and Sara Vinter Martinsen of FurnID , a Copenhagen based design studio. Read more