Narrative Chairs by Kranen/Gille

Narrative chairs by kranen/gille

After their first presentation of “The Von Trapp Dining Room,” a series of products inspired by Tiroler volkskunstas (popular Austrian Art), Gallery Priveekollektie invited Dutch designers Kranen/Gille to make a series of chairs based on the “Forest” dining chair that was included in the project.

Narrative Chairs by Kranen/Gille

Narrative Chairs by Kranen/Gille.
kranen gille chair back designs

The design duo decided to take the opportunity to use the narrative character of the chair’s backrest as a palette to tell the developing story of Kranen/Gille in 7 chapters.

Design duo Kranen/Gille
Design duo Kranen/Gille

Made of polished aluminum and walnut wood, the laser-cut chairs were inspired by abandoned places, industrialization, factory and craftsmanship processes, much like the designers who are constantly renewing themselves in order to express their feeling towards functionality. In addition to the chair, they designed similar cutlery for the original project.

kranen gille A _ chairs

The “_” Chairs were designed in a limited edition of 12 each with a 4-layer lasercut backrest depicting the scenes. The New York Chair has sold out, but editions of the others are still available.

A ”Chrystal Palace” (sic) Chair:

kranen gille dining chairs
A “Chrystal (sic) Palace” Chair
crystal palace chair kranen gille
A ”Chrystal (sic) Palace” Chair, detail

A ”Industrial Revelation” Chair:

kranen gille design
A “Industrial Revelation” Chair
kranen gille chairs
A “Industrial Revelation” Chair, detail

A ”Coney Island” Chair:

coney island chair
A “Coney Island” Chair
A "Coney Island" Chair, detail
A “Coney Island” Chair, detail

A ”Forest” Chair:

kranen gille forest chair
A “Forest” Chair
lasercut metal backed dining chairs
A “Forest” Chair, detail

A ”Baikonur” Chair:

A "Baikonur" Chair
A “Baikonur” Chair
A "Baikonur" Chair, detail
A “Baikonur” Chair, detail

A ”7th” Chair:

A “7th” Chair
A “7th” Chair, detail

A ”New York” Chair (Sold out):

New York chair kranen/gille
A “New York” Chair
lasercut metal chair
A “New York” chair, detail


ARTIST: Kranen / Gille
SERIES: A “_” chair
90 × 45 × 50 cm | 35.4 × 17.7 × 19.7 in
MATERIALS: Polished Aluminum, Walnut Wood
PRICE: $3,300

To inquire about purchasing on of the “_” Chairs, contact Gallery Priveekollektie.

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