Winged Goddesses. Psyche II – Nudes & Butterflies By Carsten Witte.

Pysche II By Carsten Witte

Pysche II is a series of photographs by Hamburg-based photographer Carsten Witte, whose work often combines elements of nature and flora with the female form.

Pysche II By Carsten Witte

Because these images contain nudity,  they are not in compliance with Google’s conservative Ad Sense policies. Therefore the post in it’s entirety, with over 30 photos, here on our tumblr site.

The second in his Pysche series combines two forms of natural beauty; the female body and the wings of butterflies. The images are treated with special tinctures and laboratory techniques that give them shining, glittery and shadowy effect turning them into sensual fairies, both magical and delicate.

Carsten Witte’s beauties are naked but never bare. They rather seem to feel secure in the superposing shadows. The interpretation of his works is basically left to the beholder but as a matter of fact he is subtly directing the view through his mise-en-scène. A US magazine called him the “David Lynch of fashion photography.”

His images are mystery plays, you never know exactly what is going on. Carsten Witte offers the parts but everyone has to solve the mystery himself. — Tatjana Countess Doenhoff

Carsten Witte will be exhibiting his Beauty Collection opening February 21st, 2011 at the Monika Mohr Galerie

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