Haunting Taxidermy Doll Sculptures by Stefanie Vega Make The Perfect Halloween Post.

stephanie vega sculptures IIHIH

Dolls, in general, freak me out. As they do many people. So do clowns, birds, bones and taxidermy. Now, combine all of those and you have the haunting mixed media sculptures of Brooklyn born, now Venice, California-based artist Stefanie Vega. Read more

Adorable Hand Carved Wooden Puppets By Australian Wez Champion.

Hand Carved Wooden Puppets by Wez Champion

With initial training and a mentorship in Prague under Puppet master Michaela Bartonova, Wez Champion is establishing himself as a “one of a kind” puppet carver in the Australia. Combining the traditional Czech carving techniques with the unique Australian experience and “heart”, Wez is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in wooden puppet building and loves the challenge of custom puppets. Read more

Artists, Fashion Designers and Jewelers Create Custom Dolls For Charity: Frimousses Designers for Darfur.

For the tenth year, UNICEF France’s Frimousses Creators bring together the greatest designers, artists and jewelers who put their talent toward helping UNICEF and children worldwide by creating one of a kind dolls that are auctioned with the proceeds going toward vaccinating children in Darfur.

The unique dolls (or in some cases, artworks inspired by dolls) were created by such well-known names and fashion houses as Prada, CHANEL, Gaultier, Gucci, Missoni, Issey Miyake, Olivia Putnam, Philip Pasqua, Mathieu Lehanneur, Dolce and Gabbana and many more. The pieces range from couture dressed Barbies to lithographs, knit dolls to robotic sculptures. To show the path of hope and gather people to believe in tomorrow, this year’s theme was “Yes Future!” for which dynamic, lively, modern dolls and art works are the ambassadors of hope and carry the colors of life.

Here’s a look at many of the other dolls from the project.
Anne Fontaine:

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada:

Ara Starck:

Agnes b.:


Chantal Thomas:


Christian Dior:

Dolce and Gabbana:

Elie Saab:

François Clerc:

Frimousse de Coeur:


Issey Miyake:

Jay Ahr:

Jean-Paul Gaultier:

Jerome l’Huillier:

Jean Claude Jitrois:

Lorenz Baumer:

Mac Chaoul:

Mathieu Lehanneur:


Nicolas Saint Gregoire:

Olivia Putnam:


Rallye des Princesses:

Valerie Attinelli:

Vincent Darre:

Yulia Yanina:

See all the dolls here.

What Went for The Most Money:
The Artcurial auction, which took place on December 3rd, 2012 at Petit Palais, raised $251,942. The top five pieces which garnered the most money for the cause were:

Lot 17. Carlos CRUZ-DIEZ Couleur Additive Denise B 6/8 2007, sold for $23,613:

Lot 16. DICE KAYEK Poupée Trésor « Lumière » June 2012 // Paris, sold for $16,557:

Lot 21. Claudine DRAI – Galerie de Noirmont, Untitled, August 2012, sold for $8,915:

Lot 5. Philippe PASQUA, Aora 2011 sold for $8,278:

Lot 71. TORRENTE Shina June, 2012 // Paris, sold for $7,642:

The individual results of each lot in the auction can be found here.

In ten years, the auctions of Frimousses Designers have raised over $ 1.5 million, allowing the fund UNICEF vaccination campaigns and saving hundreds of thousands of children.

For this 10th anniversary, UNICEF hopes to ensure the children of Darfur right to be healthy and to grow and thrive, protected from diseases such as measles.

If you want to support the actions of UNICEF for children in Darfur, you can send your donations by check *:

Frimousses Designers for Darfur
3 rue Duguay Trouin
75006 Paris

The Most Beautifully Eerie Dolls You’ve Ever Seen. Mooqla Dolls Get A Makeover.

Mooqla doills from Russia

I first introduced you to the hand made silicone-encased plastic articulated Mooqla dolls by Russian artist Polina Voloshina four years ago. At that time, she had just begun to make the exotically featured featured, fashion forward, macabre, elfin-looking dolls. Featured in that post were her creations from 2006 and 2007, like those shown below.


above: the dolls and packaging as they first appeared.

Beginning in 2008, the dolls’ features softened, their cheeks are less gaunt and their eyes are closer together, making them less unique, but more lifelike. They have become less ‘creepy’ with the addition of faces that have slight and subtle smiles, eye make-up, lipstick and in some cases, freckles.

Gone is the albino skintone and although some still have the turned down mouth -it’s more of a pout than a frown. The dolls are now one of a kind with hand crafted heads in a variety of styles topped with all types of hair colors and styles. (To see how she makes them check my first post here). The make-up is painstakingly applied to each original doll and the result are a variety of some of the most eerily beautiful and in some cases, realistic, dolls I’ve ever seen.

With their full lips and exotic eyes, some of the dark haired dolls have a striking similarity to Angelina Jolie and NCIS’s Pauley Perette:

Some even have freckles like those shown below:

And some have epicanthic folds, making them appear Asian:

Others are uniquely made up as Goths or Robots:

Mooqla doll designer and art director Polina Voloshina:

Polina Voloshina has since changed careers a bit, you can find her on Facebook here.

Sadly, the dolls are no longer sold at an online store, their English website is gone and Art Lebedev Studio, who designed the dolls’ logo, website and original identity, does not carry them anymore.

UPDATE: Once available directly from Mooqla.ru, the  Russian e-commerce site no longer exists.

Limited Edition Beastie Boys Action Figures Benefit Charity

The Beastie Boys recent music video for Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win (shown below) features action figures of the rapping trio. Now, you can purchase the 11.5″ tall poseable Beastie Boys Action Figures, complete with clothes and accessories in a 16″ x 12″ metal box. Read more

Designer & Artist Mannequins for Ralph Pucci International

Pucci Manikin Co., which is now Ralph Pucci International, was originally a mannequin repair company begun by Leda and Nicholas Pucci in the 1950s, in the basement of their Mount Vernon, New York home.

above: Ralph Pucci in his NY showroom (photo courtesy of New York Daily News)

Pucci’s son Ralph joined the business in 1976 and then took it over in the 1980’s. He then transformed it into a company that created high-end mannequins in the likenesses of top models and collaborated on mannequin designs with top fashion designers and illustrators.

above and top image: Pucci’s Madame Mannequins

I’m going to show you some of those amazing mannequins today.

Of course they are also known for their pricey high end unique pieces of furniture, interior decorating, hotel designing, lighting and graphics designed by some of the most influential innovators of this time.

Literally hundreds of beautiful mannequins, clothed and au naturel, sculpted and/or painted, have graced the showrooms of Ralph Pucci International. Too many to show you in one post. But here are just a few of my favorite collaborations.

Anna Sui:

Chelsey Maclaren:

Jeffrey Fulvimari:

Kenny Scharf:

Laura Ljungkvist

Maira Kalman:

Michael Bartalos:

Patrick Elie Naggar:

Robert Clyde Anderson:

Ruben Toledo:

Like I said earlier in this post, there are too many to share them all with you, but there is a book!
Show by Ralph Pucci, 192 pages, 154 color illustrations, published by Glitterati Inc, 2009

Buy Ralph Pucci’s SHOW book here.

• Check out this nice feature the SeeSaw blog did on a 2008 tour of the Pucci mannequin factory.

above: detail of a photo by Liza Cowan for the See Saw blog factory tour article

If you’d like to know more, here’s a nice and interesting 2009 article on Ralph Pucci and his company from the New York Daily News

Ralph Pucci International

Exploring Feelings About Fur With Dolls And Fashion

The french site, Pure Trend explored people’s attitudes about wearing fur in an article accompanied by wonderful photomontages. The artwork features Pullip dolls in actual clothing by fashion designers such as Stella McCartney, Giles Deacon, Marc Jacobs and more. Read more

DFC Turns Old Art Form Into Modern Chaquira Doll Heads

above left: Lady Peyote, 7.5″ tall above right: Lil’ Allsort,7.5″ tall, $8o5.00 each

A traditional Mexican art, Huichol is the craft of coating wood carved masks, animals, birds, serpents, and forms with wax, onto which tiny crystal beads (chaquira) and colored strings (estambre) are laid or woven with great precision. Read more