The CyD Summer Home in Lima, Peru

cyd-house hero IIHIH

The CyD House, located just north of Lima, is a 5,059 square foot home nestled into the area’s terrain, maximizing both space and views. Read more

Lakeshore View House With Suspended Pool In Sentosa, Singapore

Lakeshore View House

The design concept behind this stunning modern home in Sentosa, Singapore is to explore the extension of space and the sight line and to redefine the hard edges of the suspended box structure through the suspended acrylic pool below. Using such elements like solids, voids, screens and walls helps to delineate the different zones and functions of the house. Read more

Anton Garcia-Abril’s Hemeroscopium House: Cool Cantilevered Concrete

Hemeroscopium House

Located in Madrid, the Hemeroscopium House, designed by Anton Garcia-Abril and Ensamble Studio, took a full year to engineer but only seven days to actually build (including that amazing cantilevered swimming pool). Read more