Crystallized Camp and Sparkling Snacks by Jonathan Stein

Artist Jonathan Stein’s Swarovski crystal encrusted sculptures of fast food and nostalgic treats may just appear as though he’s bedazzled the typical lunch of an American, but there’s a deeper significance to his campy, glitzy pieces. Read more

Franck Muller’s "Sparkling Models" iPhone Jackets with Swarovski Crystals for $2,134 each.

above: two of the six Swarovski Crystal- embellished Frank Muller iPhone 4 cases costing $2,143 USD each

When Swiss watchmaker and jeweler Franck Muller created an exclusive case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s as part of their 20th anniversary celebration in early 2011. Read more

Real Diamond Embedded Contact Lens from La SER Eye Jewellery- Are They The First?

Real Diamond Embedded Contact Lens

Bloggers are all a twitter (pun intended) about the latest news about LaSer eye jewellery, a line of real gold and diamond contact lens created by Chandrashekhar Chawan PhD Optometrist & Ocularist, for his Shekhar Eye Research. Read more

Real Diamond Studded Computer Mice – The World’s Most Expensive.

Pat Says Now, a swiss company that makes both luxury and novelty computer mice, laptop sleeves and flash drives, offers real 18k gold 3-button optical USB computer mice studded with genuine diamonds in either a flower or a scattered pattern. Read more

Fancy Footwear. Kickbars Are Diamond Jewelry For Your Sneakers.

diamond and gemstone kickbars

Baller bling, baby.
It’s not enough to have diamond earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, body jewelry, belt buckles and even grills. Now, your athletic shoes must be adorned with ice as well. Read more

Now THAT’S a rock! The Latest Diamond Find Could End Up Being The World’s Largest Polished Piece Of Ice

largest uncut diamond

A huge gem stone which could become the largest polished round diamond in history was recently unearthed at the Letšeng diamond mine in Lesotho just this past September 8th, 2008. Read more

Swarovski Studs Anything That Stands Still. From Bandaids to Bathroom Sinks, Crystallized Items.

swarovski studs anything that stands still

Okay readers… everyone seems so into crystal studded stuff these days, I’ve done weeks worth of research to share with you some of Swarovski’s history, their offerings and several Swarovski studded items available on the market with links to all of them. Read more