CHANEL Celebrates 100 Years of N°5 with Some Serious Bling


The new CHANEL N°5 High Jewellery Collection is some seriously decadent bling inspired by the brand’s famous scent and signature bottle. The world-renowned fragrance was born 100 years ago in 1921 and the CHANEL high jewellery design studio is honoring that milestone with a collection of incredible fine jewelry. The highlight of the collection is a signature 55.55 carat diamond necklace whose design reflects the CHANEL N°5 bottle design.

CHANEL N°5 High Jewellery Collection

chanel no 5 high jewllery collection IIHIH

In honor of 100 years of the French Fashion House’s most popular fragrance, CHANEL is combining their artistry in fine jewelry with the iconic scent using five timeless motifs: The Bottle, The Stopper, The Number, The Flowers and what they call “The Ethereal Fragrance trail.” With over 120 pieces in the collection, it’s CHANEL’s largest high jewellery collection to date. Here we highlight some of the most jaw-dropping pieces.

First, a little history about the famous fragrance:

Paris is the city of CHANEL and at the heart of Paris is Place Vendome, whose geomteric qualities match the shape of the N°5 stopper.

Place Vendome, Paris is the Emerald shape with cut off corners, just like the CHANEL bottle and stopper

Cut to exacting proportions and used throughout the collection, emerald-cut diamonds fashioned to the precise ratio as Place Vendome create a visually striking motif, replete with the architectural detail of the corners graphically omitted – a signature of the CHANEL identity.

The Bottle
chanel no5 bottle diamond necklace

Made up of more than 700 diamonds and culminating in a detachable 55.55 carat emerald-cut stone, the Bottle necklace has a neckband full of diamond baquettes. Five pear-cut stones, identical in quality, including an 8.36 carat diamond, represent droplets of the fabled perfume.

chanel no5 bottle diamond necklace cu

The Stopper
The detachable 55.55 carat diamond evokes the purity of the infamous bottle and has been cleverly fashioned to mimic the form of the stopper.

chanel no 5 emerald cut diamond stopper

The Flowers
chanel diamond flowers ring

The olfactory notes of N°5 are inextricably linked with the visual motifs from another of CHANEL’s jewellery collection, Bijoux de Diamants. Night-blooming Jasmine, Ylang-ylang, and the May Rose are all represented as numerous bejewelled pieces.

chanel high jewellery flowerschanel no 5 flowers earrings

The Number
chanel no 5 ring

When Gabrille Chanel launched a fragrance she called N°5 it was perceived by many as not a name at all, but she desired a moniker that had universal meaning and needed no translation so N°5 it was.

chanel no 5 diamond brooch

In numerology, the number 5 happens to mean freedom. Patrice Leguereau, Director of the Fine Jewellery Creation Studio says she didn’t just want to translate the fragrance, but to write the story of N°5, imbuing the fabled number throughout the collection, not only in form but also in spirit.

chanel no5 diamond bracelet

The Fragrance Trail
CHANEl no 5 jewellery collection

Visual interpretations of the fragrance trail are crafted in gold and diamonds, yellow sapphires and golden topaz, and pink gemstones.

CHANEL diamond, yellow sapphire and gold topaz necklace

Discover the CHANEL N°5 High Jewellery Collection here