The Womby Rocking Cradle Reproduces A Mother’s Heartbeat and Voice Vibrations.

Valsecchi Womby Cradle3 IIHIH

A musical bassinet designed to help infants adjust to the post-birth acoustic and environment change by reproducing the sound of the mother’s heartbeat through drums and the vibration of the mother’s voice through sound cords. Read more

A $16.3 Million Solid Gold Bassinet and Luxury Cribs For The Insanely Indulged Infant.

Suommo-Dodo-solid-gold nbaby bassinet

Clearly I’m hanging out with the wrong crowd because I don’t know many -if any- parents who can spoil their kids with products like these. Baby furniture and accessories company Suommo, who I first introduced you to in 2010 with their modern white baby furnishings, is now touting themselves as ‘luxury for baby’ with fewer products, but far fancier ones- all designed by Ximo Talamantes. Read more

Rocking or Rolling, Gloria Lavi’s Bassinets Are Beautiful For Baby.

Hand made in Germany, the Cruiser and the Dreamer bassinets designed by Gloria Lavi represent a synthesis of organic design and excellent craftsmanship. Read more

Modern & Luxurious Baby Furnishings from Baby Suommo of Spain

baby suommo furniture

BABY SUOMMO of Spain, sets a new standard in the field of luxury baby cribs, bassinets, cots and more by combining hand-crafting, fine woods, comfort, reliability, resistance and safety with a high degree of artistic design. Read more

Bamboo For Baby Is The Bomb! Castor & Chouca Eco-Friendly Baby Products

castor & chouca bamboo baby products

Innovative French brand Castor & Chouca creates eco-friendly bamboo baby products inspired by innovations in the medical field as well as design. Crafted in France, the pieces and collections combine modern simplicity with futuristic design and a concern for the world we live in. Read more