Modern and Luxurious Baby Furnishings from Baby Suommo of Spain

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BABY SUOMMO of Spain, sets a new standard in the field of luxury baby cribs, bassinets, cots and more by combining hand-crafting, fine woods, comfort, reliability, resistance and safety with a high degree of artistic design.

Baby Suommo Furniture

The DoDo bassinet, Moveo rocking crib, La Perla luxury crib and Grand Sonno convertible cot are perfect examples of their applying modern aesthetics, technology, comfort and luxury to design.

The Dodo Bassinet:
Baby Suommo Furniture

DoDo provides a safe, comfortable, warm and soft nest, facilitating the transition from mother’s womb to outside world perfectly. The interior bedding is finished by hand in natural silk and the exterior is made with the finest woods, polished to a glossy white finish.

modern baby bassinet

modern nursery furniture

The DoDo is equipped with 360º multidirectional wheels and moves extremely quietly, thanks to its new and original design which is made out of one piece.

The Moveo Rocking Cradle:
rocking cradle

baby cradle

MOVEO is a new cradle-minicot concept. Its innovative design allows an experience of dynamism and mobility along with more stability and safety.

moveo cradle

Designed for a better air circulation, the BabyAirflow system, provides a suitable atmosphere for the baby. If you prefer, you can move MOVEO with its 360º multidirectional wheels.


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The La Perla Crib:
la perla crib

LA PERLA, beyond its splendid exterior, provides a considerable amount of engineering innovations. The volumes in their absolutely new shapes, the select varnishes or the exquisite handmade interior finish in natural silk, providing a perfect padding to protect your baby.

luxury nursery furniture

luxury baby furniture

modern nursery

Their crafting experience and knowledge of fine woods allows Baby Suommo to emphasize the character of the materials. Perhaps that is the reason why every aspect of the manufacturing process of LA PERLA is designed to achieve an amazingly elegant and sophisticated crib.

The Grand Sonno convertible bed:
convertible bed for kids

convertible beds

This cot transforms itself into a bed, a desk or a free arrangement set of four shelves. With its 360º multidirectional wheels and hand finished silk, it is made to assure a high degree of sturdiness and resistance along with comfort.

baby cot

modern baby

GRAND SONNO incorporates the SafeBlock protection system, avoiding the risk of the cot’s rail to fall towards the inside. Thanks to its manufacture in one piece, free of toxic adhesives, and the external assembly system with 30 mm supports, it provides more than three times more resistance and protection.

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