Leather Gloves With A Metal Manicure From Dominic Jones

dominic jones gloves with nails

Founded in late 2008, London based Dominic Jones Jewellery is fast becoming hot property amongst the fashion elite. The new “It Boy” for celeb jewelry, designer Jones’ Tooth And Nail collection consists of rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, belts and gloves embellished with fangs, thorns, teeth and claw-like accents.

black leather driving gloves with white gold nails
black leather driving gloves with white gold nails
above left: tooth and claw rings; right: Fang necklace in gold

While all of his pieces are unique and artfully crafted, it’s his leather gloves complete with real yellow or white gold fingernails that stand apart from other jewelry and fashion accessories.

gold nails leather gloves

pink gloves with gold fingernails
above photography: Matt Irwin, stylist: Katie Shillingford

How much and where to buy them?
pink gloves metal manicure


Pink wrist-length leather gloves with yellow gold nails $1,067.40, buy them here.

dominic jones leather gloves with metal nails

dominic jones leather gloves with metal nails
Black leather racing gloves with yellow gold nails, $1067,40. Buy them here.

About Dominic Jones (courtesy of London Fashion Week):

Dominic Jones was born in Buckinghamshire, England. In 2003 Dominic moved to London to study BA Contemporary Jewellery Design at The Sir John Cass School of Art and Design. Alongside his studies, he collaborated on several projects with the hugely influential London art collective !WOWOW! In 2008, with the help and funding of good friend and now business partner Alice Dellal, Dominic set up his company Dominic Jones Jewellery.

Trained as a fine jeweler, Dominic applies traditional techniques to current design principles. Specialising in gold and precious stones he uses five times the average amount of gold than conventional hard gold plating, creating a higher quality finish to this process.

photo of Dominic with his gloves, courtesy of Wonderland Magazine

His debut collection ‘Tooth & Nail” launched in March 2009, receiving fantastic critical acclaim and support from fashion insiders throughout London. Almost immediately Dominic could count Kristen Stewart, Devon Aoki, Alexa Chung and Sienna Miller as his ambassadors.

The British Fashion Council awarded Dominic with BFC New Generation sponsorship for Spring Summer 2010, making him one of the only fine jewelers to ever receive this. Dominic Jones is now stocked globally and ambassadors extend to Beyonce, Vivienne Westwood and Rihanna.


dominic jones jewellery