House Lamps by Architect Lauren Daley.

House Lamps by Architect Lauren Daly

Lauren Daley, a San Francisco Bay Area architect is the creator of my new wish list item, the House-Lamp. She started creating the House-Lamps to combine a couple of her greatest joys: making things with her own two hands and architectural design. After being successfully funded on Kickstarter, Daley is now selling three models of these hand-crafted, architecturally inspired luminaries.

House Lamps by Lauren Daley


Each House-Lamp is lovingly crafted by using a combination of high tech CNC and laser cutting machines and more traditional woodworking skills. Every component of the lamp is hand finished including the bases, wiring, and model. This creates an elegant and precise lamp with a lot of hand crafted charm.

house shaped lamps

The lamps have a standard bulb with a shade for tasks done at your desk, bedside reading, and everyday use. The houses are illuminated with an led bulb and are more decorative, acting as a perfect night light.

There are 3 main designs available and each is available with either a solid wood base or a plywood base with a natural finish:

The Eco Style House Lamp:

With laser etched photo voltaic panels that tilt towards the sun, louvered windows, and exposed beams, this house evokes a simple and environmentally aware lifestyle.

The Bungalow Style House Lamp:

With a welcoming front porch, a warm hearth, and quaint windows, this is a cozy house. One could envision this in the rustic woods or sited on a tree-lined street.

The Modern Style House Lamp:

In the office or at home, this lamp shines. Sleek with character, clean, and contemporary. This house glows at two levels with its laser etched outdoor balcony.

Each design can come as a combination illuminated house + task lamp, or just a stand alone illuminated house.


Each House-Lamp is approximately 18” tall, 14” long, and 7-1/4” wide. The sizes of each house model varies with the design style, averaging about 5-1/2” tall, 8-1/2” long, and 5-1/2” wide. The shades measure 9″ in diameter. Because the lamps are hand made, slight dimensional variations occur.

Just The Houses
If you just want a beautiful illuminated house, without the desk lamp and shade, then you will want to check out the lamps that are simply the architectural models. The three house styles come without the task lamp as an option:

These three houses can be made on either the stained, plain solid wood base or you can get them on the birch plywood base. The houses are lit with an LED bulb just like the House-Lamps shown above. The only difference is that you won’t have the task lamp and shade.

UPDATE: Lauren Daly sold out of these long ago and no longer has the website. She is now an Associate Architect in San Francisco.