The Apple iCup. I Would Buy This In A Heartbeat.

Apple iCup hero IIHIH

Designer, illustrator and 3D Artist, Tomislav Zvonaric (aka DevianTom) of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada has conceived an homage to the Apple brand by designing the Apple iCup.

The Apple iCup

The concept of a coffee cup and warmer powered by a USB is not new, but this incarnation is damn desirable for Mac loyalists such as myself. An Apple-shaped coffee cup, warming saucer and even an apple-shaped spoon – all designed to keep you warm while you work. Of course, the Steve Jobs foam artwork is something you’d have to create on your own.

Apple iCup hero quad IIHIHApple iCup 4 IIHIHApple iCup colors IIHIH

I wish Apple would consider producing it. I know I wouldn’t be the only one to buy it.

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