Sweet Dreams Security: Safety Never Looked So Good.

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Who says that elements designed to keep people away can’t be inviting? Certainly not Matthias Megyeri of Sweet Dreams Security in Great Britain where safety, preventative and secure elements are functional but fun. Butterfly-shaped razor wire, teddy bear shaped padlocks and lace embroidered Beware of Dog signs are some examples of the whimsy interjected into products usually designed to be foreboding and unattractive.

Several of their designs like the heart shaped link chain and glass landscape toppers are ordered by commission, but others are available to purchase. Definitely the cutest security precautions you’ll ever take.

Below are all of their products to date with descriptions taken directly from their website.

Sweet Dreams Security™

Fences with bunny rabbits for railheads, razor-wire woven with butterflies, padlocks shaped like teddy bears and feline CCTV covers – a few of the products in the Sweet Dreams Security™ range. Matthias Megyeri has carved an exciting new niche market for products that respond to what he sees as an uncomfortable balance between the growing demand for security products and an over-saturation of the kitsch, the‘cute’, the garden gnomes and the frilly curtains.

Railings: R. Bunnit , Peter Pin and Didoo

railings by matthias-aron-megyeri


The first set of three unique railing-top characters by Sweet Dreams Security™ is now available. This contemporary take on traditional Victorian street furniture injects a sense of energy into often-lifeless urban landscapes. Let the jagged but friendly little creatures guard your home with a warm smile.

Razor Wire: Mr. Smish & Madame Buttly

The Sweet Dreams Security™ razor wire is our most vicious but cute product to date. Standard razor wire has been transformed from a purely threatening object into one that is highly playful, yet every bit as effective.

‘Mr. Smish & Madame Buttly’ had the honour of gracing the cover of the 2005 ‘SAFE: Design Takes on Risk’ MoMA exhibition catalogue, in New York.

You can either order ‘Mr. Smish’ and ‘Madame Buttly’ separately, or together as the dream team of security.

Preventative Wall Toppers: Landscape

designer security

‘Landscape’ by Sweet Dreams Security™ consists of ten glass objects designed as security features for the top of garden or backyard walls. The strong, sharp structures offer an original and appealing alternative to broken bottle shards, which are now illegal to use.‘Landscape’ is now also available in various vibrant colours as a result of collaboration with a traditional Stuttgart-based glass company.

Padlock: Billy B.

teddy bear padlock

Sweet Dreams Security™ introduces a fresh, friendly face to the Old English Padlock by offering ‘Billy B.’ to grace your backyard or private space. Made by Henry Squire & Sons Ltd UK – family-owned lockmakers since 1780 – this fun, new product boasts the quality workmanship expected from an old favourite.’Billy B.’ is now being sold in selected design outlets worldwide.

Chains: Heart to Heart

heart chain and teddy padlock

Sweet Dreams Security™ developed ‘Heart to Heart’ to enhance a classic product icon with a sprinkling of sweetness.The heart-shaped chain will inject a dose of good, old-fashioned charm to your front garden, backyard or other private space.

Alarms: Daisy T.

The ADT alarmbox flower attachment from Sweet Dreams Security™ transforms your existing alarmbox from dull and dreary to chirpy and cheery, giving a playful look to your building exterior and bringing a smile to the faces of passerby. The extra shell provided by the flower’s petals also provides an extra layer of protection against wily burglars’ expert ways.

adt daisies

The one-year installation of ‘Daisy T’ at the Design Museum, London, has greatly raised her profile and even turned her into somewhat of a local celebrity.

Security Cameras: City Cat TV
These quirky Sweet Dreams Security™ CCTV camera attachments add a welcome touch of humour to our increasingly security-conscious lives.

Cat CC Tv cameras

The sliding feature on the outdoor camera ensures that the quality of the images captured is never impaired by bright sunlight.

Security Illusion Curtains: Mrs Welcome

Sweet Dreams Security™ proudly introduces ‘Mrs Welcome’. Woven to look like a metal security shutter, this traditional lace curtain with a twist is soft and welcoming on the inside, yet cold and harsh-looking on the outside: a placebo product designed to keep the burglars at bay, without making you feel imprisoned in your own home.

Made in Nottingham, UK, this product also marks a return to traditional English lace-making roots – a much-needed boost for a fast-fading local industry and identity

Beware of Dog Sign: Snoopy D

‘Snoopy D’, from Sweet Dreams Security™ is an ironic remake of a classic warning sign. The phrase ‘Beware of Dog’ takes on an entirely new slant when embroidered onto a delicate lace window hanger using the traditional German hand-embroidery technique known as ‘Plauener Spitze’.

‘Snoopy D’ lends a touch of old-fashioned class to a society ruled by suspicion, where niceties are all too often forgotten.

Sweet Dreams Security™ has found international acclaim, exhibiting widely and attracting high profile bespoke commissions – two projects in Tokyo this summer, Colour By Numbers and Tokyo Hipsters Club, and a window installation at Paul Smith in New York. After participating in the ‘Hometime’ exhibition organised by the British Council in China and showing at the Design Museum’s Design Mart exhibition of new British design in 2004, the products were included in Paul Smith’s Great Brits exhibition at the Milan Furniture Fair in 2005. As well as participating in the Pop noir exhibition at The Israel Museum in Jerusalem the product range is also being exhibited at ‘Safe – Design Takes On Risks’ at the Museum of Modern Art, New York and in a show curated by Droog® design in Amsterdam.

designer Matthias Aron Megyeri
above: designer Matthias Aron Megyeri

Matthias Aron Megyeri, Designer
18 Trafalgar Mews
E9 5JG, London, Great Britain
[email protected]

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