A Fly On The Wall That Can Save Your Life. Lento, The Award-Winning Smoke Detector From Jalo.

lento fly-shaped smoke detector

Lento is an unexpectedly whimsical but safe and effective photoelectric smoke alarm designed by Finnish designer Paola Suhonen for Jalo Helsinki. Read more

Cutest Smoke Detector Ever. The Chick-A-Dee Chirps You To Safety.

chick-a-dee smoke detector

Smoke alarms, which are traditionally functional rather than decorative, are a vital tool to help protect your home and your loved ones. That’s why the Dutch Association of Insurers held a competition to design fun but functional fire prevention solutions. Read more

Sweet Dreams Security: Safety Never Looked So Good.

sweet dreams security hero

Who says that elements designed to keep people away can’t be inviting? Certainly not Matthias Megyeri of Sweet Dreams Security in Great Britain where safety, preventative and secure elements are functional but fun. Butterfly-shaped razor wire, teddy bear shaped padlocks and lace embroidered Beware of Dog signs are some examples of the whimsy interjected into products usually designed to be foreboding and unattractive. Read more