(Sub) Prime Cuts. Hand Painted Saws with Typography by Vault 49

hand painted saws

New York graphic design studio Vault 49’s Painted Saws make the most of their beautiful typography, design and painting skills. When they add their talents to some typical old wood handled saws the results are beautiful and unusual original pieces of art.

Vault 49 Painted Saws

The finished Vault 49 Painted Saws are fabulous. Take a look:

Vault 49 Painted Saws

Vault 49 Painted Saws

Vault 49 Painted Saws

hand-painted saws sub prime

Unfortunately, the hand painted saws are not available for purchase.

About Vault 49

Vault49 is an artistic collaboration, a playground, and a creative incubator for innovative design projects. We adapt our approach to each and every brief and bring an open mind to all our projects.

Our broad range of talent attracts clients who want to enjoy the benefits of a highly developed creative relationship but don’t want to be tied down to a particular style or look.

The work we deliver is characterized by a focus on craftsmanship, multi-media and an expressive use of color. In a creative world that is increasingly digital and plagiarized, Vault49’s broad portfolio combines technology with all-important craft and natural ability, giving our work an authenticity that is impossible to replicate.

Underpinning all we do is razor-sharp commercial awareness combined with a healthy commitment to personal creative fulfillment. In short, everyone’s happy.

Vault 49