25 Stunning Cake Stands You Can Buy On Amazon Now

For the bakers and party-throwers out there, we’ve found the 25 (technically, 27) most stunning cake stands available on Amazon right now. These can be used for any home made or store bought cakes, cupcakes, pastries -even wedding cakes. They range from wild modern handmade ones to elegant classic ones by well-known and respected designers and manufacturers. 

25 Stunning Cake Stands You Can Buy On Amazon

1. When it comes to sculptural beauty, it’s hard to beat Alessi’s Floating Earth Cake Stand designed by Ma Yan Song (MAD). Its height and sculpturesque shape suggest that it can be used not only as a cake stand but also as a tray or table centerpiece. Made of 18/10 mirror polished stainless steel and wood.

$645, buy the Alessi Floating Earth Cake stand here

2. Studio Job’s Cake of Peace Pedestal Cake Plate and Lid are amazing. Designed by Studio Job for Royal Tichelaar Makkum. It is white biscuit porcelain with relief work. The lid has a hand giving a peace sign as the knob. Dishwasher safe. Extremely hard to find, it’s pretty rare that one appears on Amazon.

$1200, buy it here

3. Another rare find on Amazon is designer Ron Gilad’s raised Porcelain Platter with metal powder coated legs.
$170, buy the Porcelain Platter by Ron Gilad here

4 – 5.  In addition to the Floating Earth Cake Stand, Alessi makes two Folding Cake Plates that are truly functional pieces of art. Designed by Marcel Wanders, the Alessi “Fatman” Folding Cake Stand and the Alessi “Anna Gong” Folding Cake stand are both made of mirror polished 18/10 Stainless Steel.

$230, Buy The Alessi Fatman Folding Cake Plate here

$155, Buy the Alessi Anna Gong Folding Cake Plate here

6. Dressed Cake Stand by Marcel Wanders for Alessi (Cake Stand w/ Lid)
Another piece for Alessi designed by Marcel Wanders is this Beechwood pedestal cake stand with Relief Decoration, 12.5 in diameter with glass dome lid and wood knob.

$210, ($115 without the lid) buy the Alessi Dressed Cake Stand here

7. Michael Aram’s Rock Cake Stand combines elegance and edge with its chunky faceted gold base

$198, buy Michael Aram’s Rock Cake Stand here

8. Michael Aram’s Orchid Cake Stand is another lovely option.

Available in black, $233, buy it here
or in white, $250, here

9. The Annieglass Edgey Cake Stand
Handmade of glass with gold gilding and signed by the artist
$378, Buy the Annieglass cake stand here

10. The Franz Porcelain Papillon Butterfly Pedestal Cake Stand is a beautiful cake stand worthy of being left even even when there’s nothing on it.

$359, buy the Franz Porcelain Papillon Cake Stand here

11. Joules New Bone China Fox Animal Cake Stand
Whimsical yet sophisticated, this bone china cake stand features a modern illustrated fox on a turquoise background.

$150 (price includes shipping), buy the Fox Bone China cake Stand here

12. Seletti Hybrid Moriana Large Porcelain Cake Stand
Imported from Italy, Designed by Ctrlzak and made in Tangshan for Seletti, Porcelain Bone China, Diameter: 18″ / Height: 5.5″

$220, buy the Seletti Hybrid Porcelain Cake Stand here

13. Deruta Vario Domed Cake Plate in Red, Pia Designs
Artistica’s Deruta Vario creations are painstakingly created by hand with no specific guidelines in the Italian city of Daruta.
$498, buy the Deruta Vario Domed Cake plate here

14. L’Objet Alencon Cake Stand in Gold (also available in platinum)
Made of Limoges porcelain with 24k gold, the formal pedestal cake plate measures 11″ x 6″ (28cm x 16cm)

$374, buy the Alencon Cake Stand here

15. The Wedgewood Wild Strawberry Glass Cake Stand is finely etched with wild strawberry vines and the lid is accented with a single gold strawberry

$320, buy the Wedgewood Wild Strawberry Glass Cake Stand here

16. American Heirloom’s Handmade Wood Turned Cake Stands
AHeirloom’s Modern Cake Stand. A custom made 10 inch cake stand in American Maple.

$74, buy the Modern Maple Wood Cake Stand here

17. American Heirloom 10″ Stout Cake Stand in American Maple
$74, buy the AHeirloom Stout Maple Cake Stand here 

18. Julia Knight 10 inch Diamond Mother of Pearl Cake Stand
Hand made in sand-cast aluminum decorated with trademark blend of enamel infused with crushed mother of pearl

$126.48, buy the Julia Knight Diamond Cake Stand here

19. Hortense B. Hewitt Rustic Log Cake Stand
Crafted from man-made materials, Approximately 12.5″ x and 6″ high.

$44.92, buy the Rustic Log Cake Stand here

On the whimsical side, both Italy’s Seletti and Toronto’s Imm Living make white ceramic cake stands with dinosaurs and/ or animals.

20. Seletti Sauria T-Rex Porcelain Cake Stand
Designed by Carolina Grassi and Lilli Bertoni for Seletti, the T-Rex Cake Stand is definitely a conversation piece.

$104, buy the Seletti Suaria T-Rex Cake Stand here

21. Imm Living Dinosaur Tribe Tyrannosaurus T-Rex Cake Plate Stand

$78, buy Imm Living’s T-Rex Cake Stand here

22-23. Seletti Sauria Bronto Dinosaur and Trice Dinosaur Dessert Cake Stands

Buy the Seletti Brontosaurus Cake Stand here
Buy the Seletti Triceratops cake Stand Here

24-26. Imm Living ‘Take the Cake” cake stands:

Buy the Owl Cake Stand here
Buy the Horse Cake Stand here
Buy the Rabbit Cake Stand here
Buy the Duck Cupcake Stand here

I hope your cake is worthy!

Don’t like those? Don’t worry, we’ve got over 150 Fabulous Cake Stands and Plates to choose from here:

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