Studs, Spikes and Safety Pins. 20 Celebs That Rocked The Punk Look At The 2013 Met Gala.

2013 Met Gala Red Carpet Couture

Now, that I’ve shared with you a post about the Metropolitan Museum’s exhibit “Punk: Chaos to Couture“, I thought it would be fun to see which celebrities and models rocked the punk look for the opening night gala at the Met.

The Punk Look At The 2013 Met Gala

While many celebrities were beautifully dressed for the event such as Katie Holmes, Heidi Klum, Uma Thurman and Emma Watson, they opted for the elegant look rather than punk. However, the following celebrities rocked the punk look at the 2013 Met gala and brought out the chains, spikes, studs, plaids, safety pins, fishnets, maltese crosses, fingerless gloves, colored hair and make-up reminiscent of the classic late 70s  to early 80’s Punk movement.

Some went all out, bringing back Punk as we remember it such as Madonna in Valentino couture:
The Punk Look At The 2013 Met Gala
madonna  2013 Met Gala

Never underdressed, Sarah Jessica Parker was a sight in a wild Giles gown, Alexander McQueen thigh-high boots and a Philip Treacy hat:
sarah jessica parker 2013 Met GalaSJP  2013 Met Gala

Tommy and Dee Hilfiger were completely punked out in their plaid and silver spikes:

Christina Ricci donned a plaid punk Vivienne Westwood gown but kept the elegant hair make-up and jewelry.
christina ricci met gala 2013

Giovanna Battaglia in Gabbana Alta Moda accented her updo with several gold toned safety pins:

Nicole Ritchie dyed her hair white and loaded her ear with spikes while wearing a gown by Dana Rebecca Designs.
nicole ricci at-the-2013-met-gala

Miley Cyrus killed it in this skin hugging gown with her fab Punk hair:
miley cyrus  2013 Met Gala

Cara Delevingne wore Burberry Prorsum, combining an elegant silhouette with Punk studs and spikes:
cara delvigne  2013 Met Gala

Wearing a wild, but not really punk, Martin Margiela black and white outfit, Gwen Stefani was accompanied by hubby Gavin Rossdale in a decidedly punk tartan plaid suit.
 2013 Met Gala red carpet pics

Hallee Steinfeld wore a terrific dress by Donna Karan with a contemporary silhouette but whose print is actually made with gold safety pins:
hallee steinfeld  2013 Met Gala

Designer Donatella did not disappoint in her own unusual Versace gown with spikey studded shoulder and cuff:
donatella versace 2013 Met Gala

Others took a more subtle approach wearing gowns with the occasional Punk accent, such as Carey Mulligan in this black Balenciaga number with a gold safety pin accent:
carey mulligan  2013 Met Gala

carey mulligan  2013 Met Gala

Or Cameron Diaz in this body hugging blue gown by Stella Mccartney with a spiked belt:
cameron diaz  2013 Met Gala

Anne Hathaway showed up as a blonde in a very sexy skin-baring Valentino gown and cited Debbie Harry as her inspiration:
anne hathaway 2013 Met Gala

Sienna Miller’s spiked headband and studded jacket added a punk edge to her look:
Sienna Miller  2013 Met Gala

Jessica Alba’s Tory Burch gown wasn’t very punk per se, but her spiked Louboutain clutch was:
jessica alba  2013 Met Gala

Diane Kruger complimented her Chanel gown with a punk pink-tinged ponytail:
diane kruger 2013 Met Gala

Even Ivanka Trump colored her hair to match her gown:
Ivanka Trump 2013 Met Gala

Ginnifer Goodwin and January Jones both went for shimmery elegant gowns from Tory Burch and Chanel respectively, but let their eye makeup scream “punk”:
 2013 Met Gala red carpet

Images courtesy of Getty.

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