Amazing Bird House Based on Mid-Century Modern Stahl House

MCM Stahl Birdhouse

Pierre Koenig’s famous Stahl House has served as inspiration for so many creative endeavors from movies to paintings, it was only a matter of time until some talented woodworker turned it into a birdhouse.

Stahl House Birdhouse

Stahl House Birdhouse

There are several fabulous custom woodworkers out there making Mid-century Modern-inspired birdhouses. But this custom, made-to-order bird house inspired by architect Pierre Koenig’s Stahl House, Case Study House #22 with its modernist-style, solar-powered water fountain and swimming pool will make some bird feel superior to others.

Stahl House Birdhouse

stahl birdhouse and bath

Handmade by owner/designer Paul of Nevada City, CA the miniature architectural gem is made from California Redwood that’s been painted and dadoed along the main house. The roof emulates the roof on the Hollywood Hills Stahl house with a 12% pitch on support beams.

Stahl House Birdhouse

The birdhouse’s silhouette immediately brings to mind the work of Mid-Century modern architect Pierre Konig and the photos of the Stahl house by Julius Shulman.

midcentury modern bird house

The drinking fountain/ bird bath is Solar powered by a panel placed on the roof.

Price? $1350.00, Order the Stahl House Birdhouse here.

Paul designs and sells other fabulous architecture-inspired birdhouses as well that range vastly in price. Be sure to see them all.

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