A Squid Game Alarm Clock To Terrify You Out Of Bed

The Squid game Alarm Clock IIHIH

A Squid Game alarm clock that starts up a game of Red Light, Green Light and fires a nerf-like foam dart to wake you from your slumber. Sounds cool, right? These guys thought so and we do too.

Squid Game Alarm Clock

squid game alarm clock 1 IIHIH
still from video by @gaspar.3d x @nanvo

Unfortunately it’s not an actual product,
  YES! Now it is an actual product! And you can buy it here! The concept brought to life through 3D modeling and digital animation by two talented fans of the Netflix K-drama series. 3D artist and animator Gaspar (@gaspar.3d) and digital creator and filmmaker Benja Marambio (@nanvo) digitally rendered the doll as a desktop alarm clock holding an LED readout and animated her to get your butt up out of bed, Squid Game style.

stills of the Red Light, Green Light game from the Netflix series Squid Game
stills of the Red Light, Green Light game from the Netflix series.

When the alarm goes off the doll utters the Korean song used to start the game, her eyes glow red, her head turns as her mouth opens to spit a small foam dart toward the slumbering victim.

squid game alarm clock 3 IIHIH
still from video by @gaspar.3d x @nanvo

Here it is in action:

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Bombarded with requests for purchase @gaspar.3d has had to make it abundantly clear on his Instagram account that this is not a real product, but a concept. However, it has since become an actual product and is available to purchase on Amazon here.