Spiritually and Physically Balanced Furniture. The New D/ZEN Collection By CTRLZAK.

DZEN collection by ctrlzak hero

Once again, the art and design studio CTRLZAK infuses Eastern philosophy into Western design with the D/ZEN collection by CTRLZAK like they previously did with their ceramiX project.

D/ZEN collection by CTRLZAK

On a mountain near a Buddhist temple Thanos Zakopoulos & Katia Meneghini discovered a peculiar practice: tiny sticks placed underneath massive boulders, appearing to support them but too small to bear the stone’s weight. This is the inspiration for CTRLZAK’s D\Zen project, in which this meeting of great weight and delicacy takes the form of two different pieces of furniture.

Their latest coffee table and stool designs, the D/ZEN collection, consists of wooden blocks cut asymmetrically and balanced upon a symbolic silver cast twig leg. A reflective surface on the top or underside of the tables/stools is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

D/ZEN collection by CTRLZAK
D/ZEN collection by CTRLZAK

The D/ZEN coffee table and stool by CTRLZAK was inspired by the spiritual and physical balance of Buddhist Zen practices. Archetypal forms that sustain objects and people, imperfect forms in perfect balance. The stick is man’s little touch, which supports nature but reminds us that everything is temporary.

The two pieces are made of European Birch wood with a sculpted leg of steel or brass.

DZEN birch wood coffee table

D/ZEN small end table ctrlzak

D/ZEN coffee table and stool

Not available for sale, but also part of the project are the coffee table and stool with symbolic wooden sticks.

DZEN tables

In the past it is probable that these sticks were placed beneath the stones by monks and had sutras carved on them. The exact original meaning of this folk tradition is unclear, although it could be the expression of a request, a vow, or a testimony. Although the different forms of Buddhism have diverse practices, this specific one is unusual. It is certainly a gesture within the Zen spirit, which has been the foundation of this project’s creative process. It also followed Zen principles of slow and fast, movement and stillness, transformation and balance; above all an open process with open results which aims to be nothing more than what it is.

stool with symbolic wooden sticks dzen
stool with symbolic wooden sticks


Dzen tables

CTRLZAK will present the new D\ZEN project at the upcoming Milan Design Week

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