Linley Bespoke Architectural Desks and Boxes Are To Die For.

Linley is one of the world’s finest makers of wood products, furniture and accessories. Chairman David Linley founded the business in 1985 with the aim of designing and manufacturing furniture of the highest quality. And he has achieved it – but it’s their bespoke Architectural desks and boxes that are truly exceptional and nothing short of amazing. Read more

Modern Matchbox Coffee Table By Schulte Design Conceals Ethanol Fireplace.

Combination Coffee table and fireplace

Franz J. Schulte of Germany-based Schulte Design has designed a space saving and smart-looking combination coffee table and fireplace. The modern wood table is available with or without a built-in ethanol fire burning kit. Read more

Reclaimed Wood Mixtape Coffee Table by Jeff Skierka Goes Into Production.

This unique handmade coffee table has been getting so much buzz that Seattle-based designer/craftsman Jeff Skierka and his partner, graphic designer Roslyn Hyde are working as fast as they can to get it into production.

The Mixtape Table is a 12:1 scaled replica of a cassette tape turned into a functional coffee table. Made of reclaimed maple, walnut and lucite, the 47.25″ x 30″ x 5″ handcrafted piece has a protective 3/8″ plexiglass top. The table is completely reversible to feature sides A and B.

The first prototype and one of a kind table has been quickly gathering attention across the internet, with many fans requesting its production.

Jeff and Roslyn are responding to the demand with future versions which will be CNC machined out of high grade plywood (with a variety of ply combinations) and a glass top. Both plywood and handmade hardwood versions will be soon available.

above: Jeff and partner Roslyn in their Seattle workshop

According to Roslyn, Jeff is speaking with manufacturers with CNC capabilities, water jet cutters for the glass top, visiting local plywood and hardwood suppliers, among a list of other things over the next couple of weeks. He is planning on having a rough estimate for the plywood Mixtape Table by the end of the week. Jeff will also be creating 1 or 2 more prototypes as well. If you are interested in a hardwood handmade table, those will also be available to order soon.

Please email them at for more information and to be put on their mailing list.

Modern Custom Handcrafted Wood Dog Feeders and Food Storage By Eastvold.

Eastvold custom dog feedersEastvold Furniture is a small company based in Minnesota that uses ethically harvested lumber in the construction of their furniture. In addition to their beautifully designed and constructed credenzas, tables, coffee tables, dressers, end tables, consoles and beds, they have three modern dog feeders that incorporate storage for the food. Read more

The Ravenscroft Desk by Leonhard Pfeifer

Characterized by functionality, essential form and purity of materials, the Ravenscroft desk by Leonhard Pfeifer was designed to look striking from any angle so it could sit in the middle of a room instead of pushed up against a wall. Read more

California Shaped Desks and Tables By J. Rusten Studio

The California shaped desks and tables by Jared Rusten of J. Rusten Studio are functional and fun handcrafted wood tables whose tops are shaped like the state of California. Read more

Putting A Fingerprint On Custom Wood Furniture. A Sterling Silver One.

Bespoke (or custom) furniture craftsman Edward Johnson makes beautiful original pieces of modern furniture from wood, with a very unique signature. A designer and cabinetmaker, he combines contemporary knowledge of ergonomics and design with the traditional craft of woodworking. Dining room tables, chairs, sideboards, nesting tables, and jewelry boxes made with exotic wood like rippled Sycamore and Zebrano, embody both luxury and functionality. Read more

Spiritually & Physically Balanced Furniture. The New D/ZEN Collection By CTRLZAK.

Once again, the art and design studio CTRLZAK infuses Eastern philosphy into Western design like they previously did with their ceramiX project. Their latest coffee table and stool designs, the D/ZEN collection, consists of wooden blocks cut asymmetrically and balanced upon a symbolic silver cast twig leg. A reflective surface on the top or underside of the tables/stools is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

The D/ZEN coffee table and stool by CTRLZAK was inspired by the spiritual and physical balance of Buddhist Zen practices. Archetypal forms that sustain objects and people, imperfect forms in perfect balance. The stick is man’s little touch, which supports nature but reminds us that everything is temporary.

CTRLZAK will present the new D\ZEN project in the upcoming Milan Design Week, the 12th to the 17th of April, 2011.

Don’t forget to check out their wonderful CeramiX project, too.