#Sheetcaking with Tina Fey. Purposefully Placed Anger.

#sheetcaking with tina fey

#Sheetcaking is trending today. If you don’t know what that it, let me enlighten you. It’s comedian Tina Fey‘s tongue-in-cheek answer to dealing with the anger churning in many of us these days.

#Sheetcaking with Tina Fey

#Sheetcaking with Tina Fey

#Sheetcaking with Tina Fey.
Before you get all up in arms (“You can’t ignore the situation with cake!” “Avoiding racism by eating won’t work!” blah, blah, blah,) this is humor, People. It’s SNL. Political Satire.

And as always, Tina Fey does it in such a way as to resonate with many of us. Of course she is not advocating sticking your head in the sand – or in this case a vanilla frosted yellow bakery cake – she is merely humorously suggesting, that this Saturday, rather than scream at racists, your television or online news, yell it into a sheetcake – between glorious bites. #Sheetcaking

Gotta love Tina Fey. And cake.