Snoop Dogg’s Beautifully Packaged Pot Product Line, Leafs By Snoop.

snoop dogg launches leafs by snoop

The first celebrity cannabis collection comes from… no big surprise, Snoop Dogg. However, the surprise comes in how elegantly packed and presented the line is.

Snoop Dogg Launches Leafs by Snoop

Launched last week at a LivWell event in Denver, Snoop’s marijuana product line (which is branded as LBS) is said to have strains “hand-picked’ by the rapper.

Snoop at LivWell in Denverabove: Snoop shows attendees at LivWell the new collection

The full collection of Leafs by Snoop products include eight different strains; four mellowing indica varieties, three energizing sativa strains and one high cannabidiol version.

Leafs Party at LivWell

The smokable flower, concentrates (wax and shatter), and a range of edibles including chocolate bars, gummies, fruit chews, and peanut butter gems are all very nicely packaged.

LBS full line

Pentagram’s Emily Oberman and team have designed the brand identity, packaging and website for the line. The identity centers on an iconic marijuana leaf playfully constructed of jewel-like facets, accompanied by elegant packaging that is layered with laid-back California cool.

LBS packaging trio

Clean and simple on the outside, opening the flower boxes reveals a fresh blast of colorful California cool. Sliding off the box cover exposes images of green palms, sunny beaches and blue pools in angled slices that echo the LBS logo. Users encounter other surprises as they handle the packaging: The surface of the outer box is covered with a custom cannabis paisley pattern, printed in a clear, tactile spot varnish.

flower boxes overheadpaisley spot varnish LeafsBySnoop

Snoop and his team are extremely responsible regarding usage and didn’t take these considerations lightly; LBS is clearly meant for responsible adults. The minimalism of the white LBS box stylishly satisfies the strict laws about packaging for controlled substances. Marijuana packages have to be opaque and child-proof—the formats are actually tested with children, to make sure they can’t open the boxes. Edibles cannot be called candy but rather gummies, drops and chews. Inside the boxes of weed, the cannabis itself is contained in an opaque white plastic container with a child-proof cap.

LBS Flower packaging quad

On the bottom of the flower boxes are quotes handwritten by Snoop in metallic gold:
handwritten quotes by Snoop on LeafsBySnoop pckaging

The colorful fractured images and paisley pattern are also integrated into the wrappers of chocolate bars and boxes of gummies, chews and drops.

LBS chocolate barsLBS edibles packaging

Pentagram says “To develop the logo, the team looked at Snoop’s iconography and the visual symbols he identifies with. Snoop has historically been pro marijuana, and was one of the first stars to actively endorse it. Snoop also loves jewelry and fashion, and his brand has evolved in recent years to become very clean and modern. Oberman and her team presented a variety of ideas to Snoop and he gravitated towards pyramids, angles and dimensional facets. The finished Leafs By Snoop logo features a cannabis leaf stylized with jewel-like facets.


Iconic and distinctive, the mark gives Snoop his own special leaf. The name “Leafs By Snoop” can also be abbreviated to LBS, a play on weight and buying in bulk. The logo typography is set in the versatile sans serif Hurme Geometric No. 1.

LBS logo by Pentagram

Below are all the products available in the LBS line.

LBS packaging flower

The hand-weighed flower comes in 1oz, 1/4oz and 1/8oz sizes. Strains include Cali Kush, Bananas, Northern Lights, Purple Bush, Blueberry Dream, Lemon Pie, Tangerine Man and 3D CBD.

LBS packaging 3 sizes of flowerCONCENTRATES
The concentrates consist of Shatter and Wax in the following strains: Cali Kush, Bananas, Northern Lights, Purple Bush, Blueberry Dream, Lemon Pie, Tangerine Man, 3D CBD.

LBS Packaging waxShatter:
LBS Packaging ShatterEDIBLES
Cleverly named “Dogg Treats”, here’s a look at the line of edibles.

Chocolate Bars:
LBS Packaging chocolate barsDrops:
LBS Packaging DropsFruit Chews:
LBS Packaging fruit chewsGummies:
LBS packaging gummiesPeanut Butter Gems:
LBS Packaging peanut butter gemsGrinders with custom LBS logos:
custom LBS ginders

At present Leafs By Snoop custom cannabis products can only be purchased in Colorado at the LivWell and Beacon Wellness Group locations serving recreational and medical marijuana.


Leafs by Snoop
images and information courtesy of Pentagram and Leafs by Snoop

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