The Craft Beer Advent Calendar Is The Ultimate Christmas Countdown

christmas craft beer advent calendar

If you’d prefer to count the days until Christmas with a brew in lieu of a waxy chocolate candy, this is the advent calendar for you.

Christmas Craft Beer Advent Calendar

craft beer advent calendar animated

What better way to get into the holiday spirit than with 24 bottles and cans of suds from breweries all over the world? Packed into a cardboard calendar wishing you a “Very Hoppy Christmas” ales, pilsners, stouts and other saisons can be extracted, cracked open and enjoyed, adding a buzz to your holiday festivities.

CRAFT BEER advent calendar brooklyn beersome of the bers in the craft beer advent calendarbox and beer gif

With 24 different beers from brewers such as Flying Dog, Brooklyn Brewery, Anchor and Camden, the UK calendar costs £74.99 (free shipping within the UK) and can be purchased here

craft beer advent calendar in situ all images and info courtesy of craft beer advent calendar UK