Coop Is A Connected, Convenient and Compostable Way To Get Fresh Eggs

modern automated chicken coop

Like fresh eggs and good design? Consider Coop, the world’s best smart backyard chicken coop.

Smart Backyard Chicken Coop

smart backyard coop

The result of a mission to make backyard-to-table eggs an easy reality for all, Coop is the first of its kind. An automated, attractive, durable, weatherproof, technologically smart, all-in-one, app-controlled chicken coop created for convenience, connectivity and composting. And of course, fresh eggs.

modern chicken coop

Designed to comfortably accommodate up to 6 chickens, Coop comprises a self-contained run, roost bars and ventilated nesting area equipped with automatic doors, motion sensor cameras, protective lights and alarms.

modern chicken coop with app

chicken coop design

Its modern design is aesthetically attractive, easy to clean and thoughtfully considered. It is incredibly easy all the way from physical set up, to connecting it to the Coop App. Your Coop will come with printed and video instructions for set up, and the Texas-headquartered company will be at the ready to help you should you need it.

chicken coop with app

smart backyard chicken coop

Both the indoor and outdoor cameras, as well as the automatic door, are battery operated.

smart coop

Removable and compostable litter trays allow 30 second, painless coop cleanouts.

smart backyard chicken coop

Coop is made of mite-resistant, double-walled, recyclable plastic whose materials and manufacturing process were designed for durability in both extreme heat and cold. In the summer months, the UV-resistant panels reflect the sun while ventilation keeps air moving throughout the Coop, keeping your chickens cool. In the winter months, the rotomolded panels provide just the right amount of insulation, keeping your chickens warm.

Coop design

And, of course, there’s an app to control it all. Meet Albert Eggstein, the brain of coop. Protect, watch and tend to your flock – right from your phone.

Coop app notifications

Manufactured in OHIO, USA, Coop
Overall dimensions: 100.9″ L x 31.96″ W x 54.8″ H

For just $19/mo, Coop will provide everything you need to effortlessly maintain and manage your backyard hen haven.

Connected intelligence for your flock, all in the app:
• Animal-specific motion alerts, remote recording, and interactive notifications from your Roost and Run cams, 24/7
• SOS mode: flash hazardous lights and sound alarms to deter predators nearby
• 30 days of event recording in Full HD, accessible anywhere

A full year supply of compostable litter trays:
• Custom-made to snugly fit our coop, easily sliding in and out for 30 second cleanings
• Highly absorbent, odor-reducing, recyclable and compostable

High-touch customer support, 7 days a week
A community of chicken people you’ll flock to
$5 service fee cap on any coop services (available in select markets)

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all images and information courtesy of Coop