Small, Smart and Stylish. Ori Living May Just Be A Revolution in Real Estate.

I’m always wary of any person or company claiming a revolution in real estate, especially after the whole Adam Neumann We Work thing. That said, what began as a robotic furniture brand in 2018, has grown into Ori Living, a real estate company whose vision of the future is small but stylish rental apartments semi-furnished with their unique expandable systems.

Ori Living Expandable Apartments

Ori was founded in 2015 by CEO Hasier Larrea and a team of MIT researchers as a robotic furniture company. They set out to create interiors that maximize the potential of usable space, accommodating a broader spectrum of activities and settings within apartments, all in the same footprint.

It all began with the Studio Suite launched in 2018 by the Cambridge-based Ori robotic furniture company. The plywood unit, which transformed from a bed to a closet then to a living room, was marketed to real estate developers in the area. After appearing in various local properties, the company began receiving thousands of messages regarding the unit. Ori smartly teamed up with West Elm and offered the “Studio Suite” at a pop-up West Elm in Fenway and learned that expandable living had great appeal to people.

Flash forward and Ori has moved into the real estate market, offering apartments semi-furnished with their technologically-advanced systems in over 50 cities from San Francisco to New York.

Because real estate is valued on static square feet, Ori’s Expandable Apartments add space without adding cost. Combined with avoided furniture costs and moving expenses, these are a winning combo of form, function, location, and lifestyle.

Ori Living is offering studios, one and two bedroom apartments for rent that utilize their impressively designed, automated furniture systems to make the most of a small space. Technologically advanced engineering results a series of units that morph from one use to another and they appear to do so seamlessly.

The Disappearing Bed

Enjoy the luxury of a Queen bed, without losing an inch of living space. The included 8″ memory-foam mattress provides a cool and comfortable night’s sleep.

There are three “Cloud Bed” systems. These are queen beds of poplar wood that quietly lift to the ceiling to reveal one of three options: a two seater sofa, a desk or a dining table.

There are also three “Pocket” systems. Sliding walls that open to reveal either an office, a closet or a studio with slide-out bed. The systems all have voice control and mood lighting as well.

They even had the foresight to collaborate with industrial designer Yves Behar and his Fuseproject to design the Ori Square for the original Studio Suite, the user interface now on all their products.

The Ori Square interface by Yves Behar and Fuseproject
The Ori Square interface by Yves Behar and Fuseproject

As to whether or not this is a real estate revolution? The 10 Ori units within New Rochelle’s 360 Huguenot in New York were all leased within 2 months and others are going similarly quickly.

Ori continues to bring thousands of rental units to market across the country, from San Francisco to Dallas to New York (and more!). Visit Ori’s newly launched rental portal to explore the variety available in over 50 cities.

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all images and information courtesy of Ori Living