Yes, We’d Buy These Just For The Bottles. OAX Originals Bottled Mezcal.

OAX Mezcal

These three limited edition variations of small-batch Mezcal, made from aged wild agaves in Oaxaca, Mexico, come in bottles crafted so beautifully, we would buy them just for the containers.

OAX Originals Bottled Mezcal

oax logo and whole bottle in situ

These unique small-batch Mezcals come from the women-owned OAX ORIGINAL®, a collaborative endeavour that resulted in three distinct flavors: Arroqueño, Tobalá and Tepeztate. Each is bottled in a corked matte container debossed with the brand’s beautiful logo design that would make a stunning vase or decorative tabletop object once emptied.

OAX arroqueno mezcal

OAX are crafted from from wild agave plants found in the semi-arid Central Valleys of Oaxaca which average 12 to 25 years to reach maturity.

Tobala OAX Original mezcal

After foraged, the hearts of the agaves are slow cooked in the ground with oak and mesquite for up to 8 days, stone ground by horse, then wild yeast fermented in pine barrels and double distilled by the third-generation Maestro Mezcalero Enrique Hernandez Zenea.

OAX tepazate in rose bottle

Expressed through three limited-editions: Arroqueño, Tobalá, and Tepeztate.

(A. americana)
This mezcal has a semi-silver tonality, with subtle wooden and cooked agave aromas. A buttery palatability with hints of sweet coffee, Arroqueño has a thick body and a coffee and almonds aftertaste.
oax original arroqueno box and bottle IIHIH
Batch N.01 / Available here

(A. potatorum)
A clear tone and an explosive and complex flavor. There are sweet floral and herbal hints in its silky textured body, with an almond finish. Tobalá is ideal as an aperitif or digestif after eating foods of high caloric content.
oax original tobala mezcal bottle and box IIHIH
Batch N.01 / Available here

(A. marmorata)
A mezcal of pristine, bright and dense body, with intense citric aromas that develop into a subtle smoke and wet earth taste. These flavors result from the maturity of 25 year old plants. There is a warm and refreshing lasting sensation in the palate after drinking Tepeztate.
oax original tepazate mezcal bottle and box IIHIH
Batch N.01 / Limited Quantity here

OAX is a multi-sensorial experience, where the bottle embodies the mezcal in touch and sight. The raw texture recalls dirt, bricks, and adobe, to the pure volumes that define its form, size, and surfaces, as well as their interaction with light and shadows.

OAX mescal varieties bottles IIHIH

Available for purchase at several online and brick and mortar liquor retailers.

images and information courtesy of OAX