Skull-Shaped Bath Accessories from Brazil’s Vallve

Skull-Shaped Bath Accessories

The Cranium collection of bath accessories from Vallvé of Brazil adds an edge to the ordinary powder room. Above is the just toilet brush. In polished red resin, steel and brass, it’s the priciest piece in the collection at $1,450. So now you have to see what the rest of the skull-shaped bath accessories look like. These goth-like toilet brushes, towel racks, toilet tissue holders and vases in translucent black, red and clear will be the envy of every sad, boring, ordinary bathroom.

Skull-Shaped Bath Accessories

skull toilet brush
Cranium Vintage (left) and Modern (right)

Using the cranium as a symbol for wisdom, Vallvé of Brazil offers both ornate (Vintage) and simple (Modern) versions of their skull-shaped bath accessories. Made of high-quality resin, the skulls serve as the base for the stainless steel or brass accented products.

Cranium red Toilet brush
Toilet Brush, Dimensions: 8″ x 22 ½” x 8″, Color: Red, Finish: Polished

Made in three different colors, the Vintage Cranium products in smoke black and red resin are more ornate in that they have a handle shaped as a sword with brass hilt and a high-polished glossy finish. The Modern Cranium collection has clear resin skull in a matte finish with minimal stainless steel embellishments.

red skull toilet brush holder
Toilet Brush, Dimensions: 8″ x 22 ½” x 8″, Color: Red, Finish: Polished
red skull toilet paper holder
Toilet tissue holder, Dimensions: 12″ x 28 ½” x 8″, Color: Red, Finish: Polished
resin bath accessories
Toilet Brush, Dimensions: 8″ x 22 ½” x 8″, Color: Smoke, Finish: Polished

black skull vase and towel rack

A little more subtle, the modern collection features the translucent clear skull with stainless steel accents as a towel rack, toilet brush, toilet paper holder and a tabletop vase.

skull towel rack clear
Towel Rack, Dimensions: 10” x 6″ x 16 ¾”, Color: Clear, Finish: Matte

Clear skull toilet brush and tp holder

translucent resin skull vase
Vase, Dimensions: 8” x 7” x 8”, Color: Clear, Finish: Matte

All products are made of resin, stainless steel and brass. Products are finely finished in polish and/or matte.

Vallve Cranium Bath Accessories Smoke, Clear and red IIHH

Prices start at $395 USD
Products in this post are all available for purchase here

Since its inception in 1962, Vallvé of Brazil has been known for its luxurious bathroom furniture, fixtures and accessories. Vallvé’s products are made from high-quality resin which gives the products beautiful transparency and a modern aesthetic. Vallvé is recognized as the best company in the sector having received several prestigious awards. They make many other fine bathroom furnishings of resin so be sure to check out their website.

vallve of brazil