Seven Sins Mural Adds Unexpected Subtext to Disney Princess Dolls

disney princess satire

The new Seven Sins Mural by Dutch artist Leon Keer was painted in studio on canvas before being installed on location in Amersfoort. What at first look like packaged Disney Princess Dolls (no actual affiliation with Disney) on a shelf has an unexpected subtext when examined more closely.

The Seven Sins Mural

Leon Keer is a well-known 3D street artist and muralist whose three dimensional looking paintings on buildings and sidewalks have brought him much attention.

leon keer mural

His recently completed Seven Sins mural measures 27.8 x 12′ (850 x 375cm) was made in collaboration with the Wanrooij Gallery and created for HelloFlex group in The Netherlands.

leon keer seven sins mural

The painting was created in studio on canvas before being transported to its location in Amersfoort.

leo keer in studio working on mural

disney-inspired art

For this particular installation, Keer painted seven different packaged dolls made to resemble Disney Princesses as if displayed in a toy store.

leon keer seven sins

seven sins mural

3d painting

disney satire

Each character was made to represent a particular one of the Seven Deadly Sins

Invidia (Envy):
seven sins mural

Gula (Gluttony):
seven sins dolls

Avaritia (Greed):
Avarice Greed Seven Sins

Ira (Wrath):
seven sins mural

Luxuria (Lust):
leon keer mural

Superbia (Pride):
seven sins mural

Acedia (Sloth):
seven sins mural sloth

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all images courtesy of the artist

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