Search Party Dolls are Mind-Blowing Likenesses of the Characters

Search Party Dolls IIHIH

HBO Max’s Search Party, an addictive dark comedy, is about privileged, self-absorbed twenty-somethings entangled in a bizarre mystery. In the midst of its fourth season (airing now) the cast has been turned into Barbie dolls as part of the plot by custom doll maker Cyrus Bronock. And the results are truly mind-blowing.

Search Party Dolls

If you’re not familiar with the series, it’s especially twisted this season with the main character, Dory, having been kidnapped by an obsessive fan named Chip who creates dolls of her friends to keep her company while imprisoned. But those dolls! After a little research I found the talented maker and images of other Search Party character dolls you might not have seen.

search party season 4

New Orleans-born, Alabama-based Cyrus Bronock is a self-proclaimed perfectionist. One look at his portfolio and you know he’s not exaggerating, the man is a master at re-painting Barbie Dolls to look like celebrities. From the hand-painted faces to the re-rooted hair and custom fashions, he is able to create miniature doppelgangers of… well frankly, of anyone.

search party dolls screen shot laura sweet
When the dolls first appeared onscreen I immediately had to take a screen shot.

Proof of that are his dolls for this season’s Search Party. Bronock turned characters Dory Sief (played by Alia Shawkat), Drew Gardner (actor John P. Reynolds), Elliott Goss (actor John Early), Portia Davenport (actor Meredith Hagner), Keith Powell (actor Ron Livingston), April (actor Phoebe Tyres), Donna (actor Busy Phillips) and obssessive fan Chip (Cole Escola) into dolls whose likenesses to the real actors are uncanny.

Actress Alia Shawkat and Dory Doll
Ali Shawkat and Dory Doll/ Cyrus Bronock and HBO
John Reynolds and Drew doll
John Reynolds and Drew doll/ Cyrus Bronock and HBO
John Early and Elliott doll
John Early and Elliott doll/ Cyrus Bronock and HBO
Meredith Hanger and Portia doll
Meredith Hanger and Portia doll/ Cyrus Bronock and HBO
Ron Livingston and Keith Powell doll
Ron Livingston and Keith Powell doll/ Cyrus Bronock and HBO
Phoebe Tyers April doll
Phoebe Tyers and April doll/ Cyrus Bronock and HBO
Busy Phillips and Actress as Portia doll
Busy Phillips and Donna as Portia doll/ Cyrus Bronock and HBO
Cole Escola and Chip doll
Cole Escola and Chip doll/ Cyrus Bronock and HBO

Cyrus Bronock is the founder and owner of Cyguydolls which specializes in custom, one-of-a-kind celebrity art dolls. If you are interested in a one of a kind doll or 1/6 figure commission (for Adult collectors only) contact him.

Follow him on Instagram @gycuy83

And watch Search Party!