Search Party Dolls are Mind-Blowing Likenesses of the Characters

Search Party Dolls IIHIH

HBO Max’s Search Party, an addictive dark comedy, is about privileged, self-absorbed twenty-somethings entangled in a bizarre mystery. In the midst of its fourth season (airing now) the cast has been turned into Barbie dolls as part of the plot by custom doll maker Cyrus Bronock. And the results are truly mind-blowing. Read more

New Elizabeth Taylor Barbie Dolls Immortalize The Legendary Beauty With Violet Eyes.

Liz Taylor barbies 1 IIHIH

Mattel has been getting better and better with the likenesses of their celebrity dolls. The latest to join the adult collector stable of Barbie Dolls, are two soon to be released Elizabeth Taylor Dolls. Read more

Limited Edition Beastie Boys Action Figures Benefit Charity

The Beastie Boys recent music video for Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win (shown below) features action figures of the rapping trio. Now, you can purchase the 11.5″ tall poseable Beastie Boys Action Figures, complete with clothes and accessories in a 16″ x 12″ metal box. Read more

Mattel Releases New Fine Art Dolls. The DaVinci, Van Gogh & Klimt Barbies.

fine art barbies

Recently introduced at this year’s Toy Fair were three new Fine Art Barbies. Barbie dolls by Mattel that pay homage to some of the world’s most famous artists. 14th century Master Leonardo Da Vinci, Impressionist Vincent Van Gogh and Art Nouveau painter Gustav Klimt have been immortalized as soon to be released Barbies. Read more

Viktor & Rolf’s Barbican Exhibit With Side By Side Comparisons of the Dolls & Fashions With The Runway Models

Viktor & Rolf's Barbican Exhibit

Welcome to the dollhouse. Viktor & Rolf’s Barbican Exhibit, that is. Dutch fashion design duo Viktor & Rolf, whose runway shows have become increasingly imaginative over the years, employing everything from models wearing their own lighting and scaffolding to soot darkened faces and bodies, are showcasing some of their best and most interesting designs in a uniquely Viktor & Rolf sort of way. Read more

Noel Cruz: Improving Dolls. One Face At A Time.

celebrity dolls by Noel Cruz
Artist Noel Cruz repaints the Keira Knightly doll so now it actually resembles the actress

Most likely the majority of you are not doll shopping. And you probably can’t name the last celebrity doll or action figure you purchased (unless, of course, you have a tween female at home for whom you’ve bought one recently). But before purchasing your next one, be sure to see the Custom Celebrity Dolls by Noel Cruz. Read more