Scott Listfield’s Astronaut Lands In LA in 1984.

Scott Listfield Astronaut paintings

Along with several of my quirky passions I have a love of all things astronaut, so it’s no surprise that painter Scott Listfield is one of my favorite contemporary artists. Listfield has a new show featuring some of his most recent work on view at Thinkspace’s 2018 project room. The exhibit, entitled 1984, features paintings of a single astronaut, a recurring them in Scott’s works since 1999, who appears to have landed in Los Angeles. Read more

Matthew Grabelsky Paints Human-Animal Hybrids Riding The Subway.

Matthew Grabelsky Underground Paintings
FRANKLIN STREET, Oil on Panel, 24 x 24 in. (61 x 61 cm.)

Los Angeles-based artist Matthew Grabelsky pairs the unusual with the unremarkable in Underground, an exhibit of his surreal oil paintings depicting Human-Animal hybrids riding the subway. Read more