Saran Wrap Wigs and Dresses by Kate Cusack

saran wrap wigs

You may have seen one or two of Kate Cusack’s wigs making the rounds on various design blogs, but those are only part of this artist’s collection of fashions made from plastic wrap.

Saran Wrap Wigs and Dresses by Kate Cusack

Kate uses very unusual materials in her costume designs, window displays and sculptural and wearable creations. Her recent and unique line of Zipper Jewelry has been getting some nice press and recently featured on Ecouterre were her Saran wrap wigs shot by photographer Kriistina Wilson.

above: Kate Cusack, photo by Tony Gale

Her wig designs include those styled after ornate 17th century wigs and she even created a multi-tiered wedding cake wig. As you will see in the following images, she has also designed dresses using saran wrap and bubble wrap.

Please note that I have manipulated the following photos to remove some of the color saturation that made them difficult to see the details.

Saran wrap wigs created for Tiffany’s 2002 window displays (including the one at the beginning of this post):

Her “I do” wedding cake wig made of saran wrap:

Another Saran wrap wig and gown:

She made a bubble wrap dress as well:

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