Portable and Home Speakers With Customizable Interchangeable Covers

rubyoung custom speaker covers mom and son

A ways back we introduced you to home audio speakers that could be customized with photography or art. Now a different brand, Rubyoung, offers a series of music speakers that allow you to do the same, only easier.

Rubyoung Custom Speaker Covers

zebra photo cover speaker.
Speaker cover photo art on blue suede R830 series
Speaker cover art on blue suede R830 series
Speaker cover art on blue suede R830 series

Rubyoung Custom Speaker Covers are available for all three of their Bluetooth models; the wireless M430 Traveller, the R630, the R830.  The speaker designs each feature a retro style with rounded corners and attached handle; the portable M430 is smaller and squarer than the R630 and R830 speakers.

The Rubyoung bluetooth M430 speaker in green, without cover
The Rubyoung bluetooth M430 speaker in green, without cover
Rubyoung R630 speaker without cover
Rubyoung R630 speaker without a cover, length: 37cm, width: 14cm, height: 25cm
rubyoung speaker backside
Rubyoung R630 speaker, back view
The Rubyoung R630 speaker with custom cover
The Bluetooth R830 speaker with custom cover

The interchangeable, magnetically attached covers are speaker canvases that utilize Rubyoung’s own patented fabrication printing to provide 99.9% sound transmission. The speaker cases are hand-sewn Nappa leather to the steady fully-wooden speaker body.

horse photo speaker cover on white
Bluetooth Speaker R630 in Lunar White with photo cover

Choose from their options of collaborations with artists or provide them with your own art, logos or photographs and they’ll make it for you. Easy to change and apply, the covers are magnetically attached.

rubyoung traveller art speaker covers
The M430 Traveller shown with optional covers
alacantara blue suede speaker with cover
Speaker cover art on blue suede R830 series
magnetic speaker covers
each cover is a magnetized panel that just ‘snaps’ on
white leather speaker cover photo monument valley
Speaker cover art on lunar white R630 series

M430 Traveller Wireless Speaker With Customizable Panels
custom portable speaker covers

M430 Traveller is a 2.2 portable stereo for an immersive sound field powered by 60 watts. It provides 65 hours of wireless playtime and acts as a mini portable charging station within speaker that can be used to charge your phone, string lights, a portable fan, etc.

backside of rubyoung traveller speaker

bluetooth portable speaker
bluetooth portable speaker

Personalize it with your own photo or artwork or choose from the many offered by Rubyoung.

Rubyoung m430 wireless speaker with custom cover
Rubyoung M430 wireless speaker with custom cover
photo to speaker covers
Take a photo, upload it to Rubyoung and they’ll make a speaker cover for you.

Recommended Size: 2008 x 3012 px
Recommended Ratio: 4:3

Home Speakers with Customizable Panels

custom speaker cover

Both the R630 & R830 home speakers support the replacement covers as well. Sized the same (length: 37cm, width: 14cm, height: 25cm), the colors, leathers and sound on the two models are different. The peak power of the R830 is 240w, twice that of the R630’s 120w.

rubyoung custom speaker panels cu

The R630 Life Home is a stylish choice for personal listening and small social gatherings, and has has a soft, warm and delicate sound. The R630 life home series 120 watt powered speaker comes in popular Birmingham jazz green, moonlight white, mocha brown three kinds of high-grade microfiber leather appearance for its exterior.

custom bluetooth speaker covers
Choose from several artistic covers offered by the company
digitally printed speaker cover
Custom the cover with your own personal photo
The R630 bluetooth speaker in dolce brown with giraffe cover
The R630 bluetooth speaker in Dolce Brown with Giraffe cover

The R830 Adventurer is a performance choice for those who pursue extreme performance and unique personality and has a thick, full and explosive sound. The 240 watt-powered R830 adventurer series selected Italian Imported Alcantara suede blue, Nappa Nappa samurai black and ruby ​​red two kinds of microfiber leather appearance.

custom speaker covers by rubyoung

custom art speaker cover rubyoung

Recommended Size: 2185 x 4087 px
Recommended Ratio: 16:9

About the company (in their words):
Rubyoung was born in 2020, specializing in the development of frontier technology, and integrating the pursuit of artistic aesthetics into our products. Bridging the gap between a market of growing demand for personalized products and the world-leading technology in sound engineering, Rubyoung redefines high fidelity Bluetooth speakers with its groundbreaking Current Mode Amplification technology and patented fabrication process. We focus on speaker manufacturing and panel customization sales, not only through online sales, but also in cooperation with offline shopping malls to promote our products.

art options rubyoung speakers

At Rubyoung, exploring and experimenting in the ever-growing sound engineering field is always the top priority. With our world-class industrial audio experts and top supply chains like Foxconn and GGEC, Rubyoung aims to become the international leader in Bluetooth speaker technology and its global market. Exceeding the traditional standard of sound quality, Rubyoung promises to bring the most authentic and passionate sounds to our audience.

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all images courtesy of Rubyoung