Animations of Disney Art Satirist Rodolfo Loaiza’s Iconic Paintings As NFT Art.

Rodolfo Loaiza NFT Art

When it comes to Disney satire, artist José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros is one of the best. His artworks explore the ongoing theme of disenchanting, disillusioning and just plain messing with Disney’s world-renowned animated characters. Now, some of his most popular paintings have been animated and will be available as Rodolfo Loaiza NFT Art next week.

Rodolfo Loaiza NFT Art

Volume on!

We first introduced you to the artist with his Profanity Pop show back in 2014. His oil paintings featured beloved Disney characters engaged in or exhibiting behavior that is, shall we say unexpected, at The Happiest Place On Earth.

profanity pop on if its hip its here
a piece from our previous post on the artist

By juxtaposing the instantly recognizable with the edgy and unexpected, characters like Bambi, Snow White and Prince Charming revealed a less infallible, more human side.

Mexican Mickey:

Irreverent mashups of Disney characters with the trappings of societal mores or contemporary tabloid fame is a subject at which most anyone can laugh. By animating his iconic art, Rodolfo Laoiz has successfully turned his paintings into instant memes and viral artworks, garnering him hundreds of thousands of followers on social media.

snow white drunk on love rodolfo loaiza IIHIH
His infamous 2011 Drunk on Love painting of an inebriated Snow White was one of the very first Instagram art work posts to go viral.

Now the Mazatlan-born artist is offering his digital artworks as NFT pieces, over 120 of them, through the exclusive representation of The NFT Art Agency.

Contemporary Family:

Bambi Threesome:

Lie to Me:

The NFT Art Agency* is the exclusive representative of over 120 pieces by Rodolfo Loaiza.

The first José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros NFTs are minted and will launch at 4PM EST on Wednesday, September 8th on the NFT Art Agency‘s FOUNDATION PAGE.

*The NFT Art Agency was established in 2021 to promote iconic artists in the burgeoning Non Fungible Token market. They offer a complete representation package that includes animation, mining, publicity and sale, as well as rights management, career coaching, and financial planning.

Rodolfo Loaiza at The NFT Art Agency

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