Rick Ross, DJ Khaled and Steve Aoki Get Their Own Belaire Bottles

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After shilling for Luc Belaire for months as celebrity ambassadors, hip hop icon Rick Ross, global hitmaker DJ Khaled and Grammy-nominated DJ Steve Aoki finally get their own faces on bottles of premium sparkling wines for the Belaire brand.

Rick Ross, DJ Khaled and Steve Aoki Belaire Bottles

Rick Ross, DJ Khaled and Steve Aoki Belaire Bottles

Following the huge global success of Belaire’s Fantôme range, which features a luminescent Belaire logo label and is designed exclusively for nightlife, the brand has expanded this glowing concept to feature the faces of global music superstars.

Belaire's luminescent logo label
Belaire’s luminescent logo label

To launch the range, Belaire Fantôme bottles featuring hip hop icon Rick Ross, Grammy-nominated DJ Steve Aoki and global hitmaker DJ Khaled are rolling out to nightclubs, bars and lounges around the world, delivering a unique take on Belaire’s relationship with first-class talent, and cementing the brand’s reputation for innovation. Each label lights up at the touch of a button: just turn off the lights, hit the power switch underneath the bottle and enjoy the show!

rick ross dj khaled steve aoki

Brett Berish, Luc Belaire CEO has said: “As a brand, Belaire is always looking to innovate and deliver exceptional drinking experiences. Our packaging – just like our superior taste – has always been of the upmost importance. We’re proud to keep pushing boundaries and will expand the Fantôme series to feature more undisputed talent from all over the world.”

Each of Belaire’s three cuvées are represented in the new #BelaireFantome series:
Luc Belaire Rosé x Rick Ross:
hip champagne

Belaire’s signature Rosé meets multi-Grammy-nominated hip hop mogul Rick Ross, who has been a fan since the brand’s inception.

Luc Belaire Gold x Steve Aoki:
Luc Belaire Gold x Steve Aoki

Belaire Gold’s effortlessly elegant blend can now be enjoyed in its limited edition Belaire Fantôme design featuring Grammy-nominated DJ Steve Aoki.

Luc Belaire Luxe x DJ Khaled:
Luc Belaire Luxe x DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled’s love for Belaire Luxe is well documented on his social media. Fans can now purchase this authentic French Blanc de Blancs made exclusively from Chardonnay grapes, with their favourite DJ’s limited edition Fantôme label.

The new-look Belaire Fantôme bottles pay homage to Belaire’s network of global brand ambassadors, which includes over 200 recording artists, DJs, athletes and other genre defining stars. As the series develops, more and more international stars will be introduced with limited edition designs.

As ambassadors for the brand,  the three of them have been posting about Belaire on their social media channels for months, long before these special bottles designs.

Rick Ross belaire
Rick Ross
DJ Khaled luc belaire
DJ Khaled
Steve Aoki luc belaire
Steve Aoki

Rick Ross has commented: “You’re not an icon until you’ve been immortalized with the finest bubbly out there – Luc Belaire. This new Belaire Fantôme design is going to shake up the club and keep Belaire at No.1. Let’s toast to being the best!”

The Limited Edition Fantôme bottle designs are available now in limited quantities of 750ml bottles to bars, clubs and lounges around the world. For more information and to stay updated on Fantôme news, fans are encouraged to visit LucBelaire.com and follow @OfficialBelaire on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.