Joseph Ford & Nina Dodd: Knitted Camouflage Collaboration

Knitted Camouflage Collaboration

Take the talent of knitter The Duke of Woollington (aka Nina Dodd) and combine it with British photographer Joseph Ford and you get a Knitted Camouflage collaboration. Take a look at these great photos of people donning hand knit sweaters that blend into the backgrounds.

Knitted Camouflage Collaboration

joseph ford and nina dodd collaboration

joseph ford invisible jumpers

dog camouflage knit sweater

knitted camouflage joseph ford nina dodd

Knitted Camouflage Collaboration joseph ford photography

Knitted Camouflage Collaboration

nina dodd knits joseph ford photo

About the Artist:
The Duke of Woollington aka Nina Dodd, is a Brighton-based Knitter who like the create the unconventional.
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About the Photographer: (in his own words):
I began my adult life sensibly enough by studying French and Italian at the University of Cambridge and the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, then horrified my parents by deciding to be a photographer.

The best summary of what I do is ‘storytelling with a side order of off-beat creativity’. Dynamite fishing? Check. Live butterflies flying out of people’s mouths? Check. A railway line merging into a zipper? Check. A crocodile attacking Lacoste sneakers? Yup, that too.

Clients around the world choose me to create advertising and editorial images and films of people on location or in studio. Over the last few years I’ve also shot diptychs matching aerial images with fashion still life for brands including Pepe Jeans, Lacoste and Missoni.

So far I’ve produced still and moving images on location, in studio, from helicopters, boats and cranes, underwater and up mountains. If you have a challenge, I’d love to offer a creative solution.

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