Reversed Volume Bowls by mischer’traxler studio.

reversed volume bowls

The Reversed Volume bowls designed by mischer’traxler are fun, food-safe, colored resin bowls created by taking the imprint of fruits and vegetables.

all ten overhead

Reversed Volume Bowls


They are made by taking the space between a bowl and a fruit or vegetable and filling it with casting material. Once dried, the filling material is removed and a very detailed mold is left behind.

reversedvolumes 3 reversedvolumes green blue reversedvolumes yellow orange

These imprints are replicated as food-safe and water proof resin objects. The bowls are hand-crafted in a semi industrial process and this method allows slight variations in color in order to achieve some variation within the series.

green apple bowl lemon bowl orange bowl
romaine lettuce bowl

The ‘reversed volumes’ series include ten different bowls with the imprint of: apple, lemon, orange, cherimoya, yellow bell pepper, eggplant (aubergine), romaine lettuce (napa cabbage), Honey Dew (sugar melon), cauliflower and cabbage. ‘reversed volumes’ was initially designed for FoodMarketo in 2010 by mischer’traxler studio.

cauliflower bowl cherimoya bowl eggplant bowl
yellow pepper bowl

All ten can be purchased at Spain’s online PCM shop and a limited supply of eight bowls (those shown here) can be pre-ordered at Generate beginning the week of October 5th.