Brinca Dada Introduces The First Real Modern Furniture For Dollhouses.

Real Modern Furniture For Dollhouses

Brinca Dada’s 32 piece collection of modern miniature furniture for the Emerson House.

UPDATE: It is with great sadness we to report that Brinca Dada is no longer in business as of 2015.

Real Modern Furniture For Dollhouses

I blogged about the impressive modern doll house, the mid-century architecturally inspired Emerson House by Brinca dada back in February and followed it up with a sneak peek at their soon to be released Bennett House in May. Well, tighten your mini seatbelts because now I have a look at their upcoming miniature modern classic furniture line for both of their amazing architecturally inspired toy houses.

above top: Brinca dada’s Emerson House and above bottom, the soon to be released Bennett House

Aside from the Vitra miniatures (which are drop dead gorgeous with a price that will make you cry) and the plastic miniature modern chair collections by REAC of Japan, one had to either commission modern miniature furniture or find it on individual seller sites like etsy.

Therefore, I was so happy to see that Brinca Dada will be offering one of the nicest, if not the nicest, line of miniature furniture for dollhouses I have ever seen this coming holiday season.

Real Modern Furniture For Dollhouses
above: part of the new line of 3/4″ scale modern dollhouse furniture by brinca dada

Designed by Brinca Dada, the line is the perfect complement to both the Emerson House and the Bennett House. A clean and sophisticated aesthetic mixes classic modern design with contemporary “in fashion” highlights. In the words of their designers, “The key was to work on every detail to add an extra dimension of authenticity to this dollhouse. We used American black walnut as a common thread, giving a contemporary feel to each room. We then added color as accents, but also as an attraction to children’s sensibilities.”

The line has 32 pieces, enough to furnish 7 rooms; living, dining, kitchen, office, bath, master bedroom and children’s room and is crafted with high-quality woods and non-toxic, lead-free stains and paints.

Price for the whole set $200. ($180 if ordered before November) pre-order here.

As we mentioned earlier, brinca dada went out of business in 2015.