Product Pick Of The Week: The Starck X Collection Modern Bath

Axor Starck X Collection

Not Starck. Starck X. In mathematics, the letter X stands for an unknown quantity. In Chinese Taoism, for elevation to the divine. In bath design, it represents the start of a new era. In his Starck X series, designer Philippe Starck maximizes minimalism.

Axor Starck X Collection

The copy and descriptions below are taken from the Duravit catalog

philippe starck bath collection

This vision called for extraordinary expertise in working with ceramic: unusual basin divisions, redesigned mixer positions and combinations with surfaces such as yellow and platinum.

The bathroom furniture sparkles with brightly lacquered inserts; mirror elements shine with innovative illumination. Because overflowing water is not a problem, bathers can immerse their entire body.


Talk about relaxation – and a novel bath design, from the individual layout of the surrounding “moat” to the optional remote-controlled lighting.

Even the faucets are treading new and unusual paths: flat, sculptured chrome surfaces echo the pure geometry of the faucet body. The water gushes forth as though from a natural spring, making the ritual importance of water tangible.

New dimensions have appeared in the Waterwall shower system – the perfect blend of minimalist contours and maximum shower comfort.

Is it luxury? Is it extravagance? Is it decadence? No – it’s Starck X.

Axor- HansgroheAG